Three down, 23 to go

Suzie Budge got me in to see Speaker Bedke, with Ways and Means Chairman Christy Perry and a couple other House members.  Earlier I’d run the Reagan Amendment by Sen. Marv Hagedorn, who will be at the Summit.  Bedke gets it.  He won’t be able to get to Seattle, so he assigned Christy to go on his behalf, just as he asked her to carry the BBA bill.  One of the House members turned out to be Majority Leader Mike Moyle.  He asked how many people I wanted at the meeting, and I said the more the merrier.  So he wants to go also.  They’ll get some Senators, in addition to Hagedorn.  I stressed the desirability of getting Sen. Davis to attend.

We won’t get action in the House this year.  Mike Ferris was in to see Bedke last Friday, and got him to agree not to bring anything to the floor this year.  He sold him a bill of goods, convincing him that next year he will generate so much grass roots support in Idaho that CoS, as well as the BBA, will sail through.

We weren’t going to get by Davis in the Senate anyway.  He killed the Delegate Limitation Act, with a lot of wild talk about a runaway.  He was heavily quoted in the papers, and has got himself way out on a limb.  We don’t want to saw that limb off.  We want him to climb back down, which will happen if he goes to the Summit.  We won’t convince him that a runaway couldn’t happen.  We’ll prove that it won’t.

Bedke encouraged me to coordinate with incoming NCSL President Curt Bramble, the man who carried us through the Utah Senate.  I assured him that will be the case.  He also suggested working with the Assembly of States.  That hadn’t occurred to me.  It’s an excellent idea, and I will follow through.

I’m feeling more confident of getting the support from Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and even Montana.  That would be ten states.  If we get Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli of Oregon, we’d be at eleven, and ready to invite the six western states, running from North Dakota down to Texas. that don’t have a lot of federal land.  I think we can get them all.  At seventeen you’re nine short, but within sight of a majority.  I’ll bet Joe Harrison of Louisiana, Bill Cowsert of Georgia, Dennis Powers of Tennessee, and Larry Grooms of South Carolina can get us most of the South.  Add West Virginia and Kentucky and you control the Amendment Convention.  All are welcome to the Reagan Caucus.  We want more than 26.  I’d like 34.  38 would be better.

The Reagan Amendment is a good idea.  Good ideas are a dime a dozen.  Turning an idea into reality takes a lot of work.  More than I’m personally capable of.  Knowing I have the legislative leaders of Alaska, Washington and Idaho as part of the team means I’ve got help from some very capable people.  More help is coming, as we expand the circle.  I’m free for the next two months, so we’ve got time.

Chisty Perry is a very attractive woman.  Not that many of those in politics.  She reminds me of Alaska State Senator Jan Faiks.  We were both conservative Republicans, elected from the same two member district in 1982.  I got gerrymandered out of my seat.  She reached an understanding with the Governor and kept hers.  But Jan violated one of Clint Eastwood’s Rules of Life: a man’s got to know his limitations.   Power went to her head.  She used her looks, and her sex,  to get elected Senate President, and her sense of entitlement brought her down.  We successfully primaried her, and now she’s a lobbyist in D.C. working, I believe, for the coal industry. I could never bring myself to personally dislike Jan.  She just got in over her head.  She’s going to like the Reagan Amendment.

I’m having fun.  It’s good to be alive.

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