The Seattle Resolution

The Reagan Summit should have as its goal a Resolution, signed by the representatives of the states in attendance, in which the signatories pledge to do all in their power to assure that their delegation to the Amendment Convention will support proposing a Balanced Budget Amendment containing three, and only three, elements, to wit:

1)  Limitations on federal spending and debt

2)  Transfer of federal lands to the states, excluding military installations, National Parks, Indian Reservations, and property necessary for the functioning of the federal government, provided such transfer generates revenue to the United States Treasury, or reduces federal expenditures

3)  Regulatory reform, provided such reform results in increased revenue to the Treasury or a reduction in federal expenditures.

The exact language of the Resolve will be decided at the Summit, of course, but I think this is a place to start.  This way we’ll have a concrete goal.  We’re not meeting just to meet.

We’ll call it the Seattle Resolution, I guess.  I think of it as the Bart Davis Resolution.  If there are enough signatures on it, from credible representatives of 26 states, how can he believe there could be a runaway?  I want Bart to explain how that could happen.  And I want Andy Biggs of Arizona there as well.  Let’s see if Andy can come up with a remotely plausible runaway scenario.

These guys remind me of me and my friends when we were adolescents.  We’d come up with these cockeyed ideas, ideas that, technically, could be true.  They were kind of crazy, but you couldn’t prove they weren’t true.  I gave up that kind of thinking when I was fourteen.  These guys need to grow up, and think like men, not some dopey teenager.  Men make decisions based on their best judgment of the facts available.  They don’t sit around fantasizing about fairy tales.  And they’re strong enough to deal with the consequences of their decision.

You either believe in the people of this country or you don’t.  If you don’t, you’ve given up on it.

We haven’t.

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