A draft

The first section of the Seattle Resolve, dealing with the traditional BBA, is incomplete. It should include restrictions on taxation and allow for reduction of the debt. Signatories who wish to include such provisions in the Amendment should be free to do so.

A Resolve

Whereas 27 states have passed Resolutions calling for an Amendment Convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, and

Whereas the fear of a runaway Convention, one which attempts to exceed the bounds of the Convention call, is preventing passage of such Resolutions in a number of states, and

Whereas the most convincing argument against the possibility of such a runaway Convention would be the formation of a Majority Coalition which would control the proceedings of the Convention, and

Whereas the foundation of the Majority Coalition should be a specific and limited agenda for the Convention combined with a pledge that no additions or expansions of the agenda will be allowed, and

Whereas the undersigned are elected state legislators who will participate in the selection of, and the instructions for, the delegation to the Convention from their state,

Now, therefor, be it resolved that the proposed…

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