It’s a word that doesn’t belong in politics.  Any time somebody starts talking about Manifest Destiny, or “demography is destiny” they’re just making a prediction, and trying to make it sound important.  Nobody has a rendezvous with destiny.  It’s bunk.

A destiny is doom, something preordained, inevitable.  It’s for those who don’t believe in free will.  Some forms of Protestantism, such as Calvinism, preach it, call it predestination.  You are either destined to be part of the elect, or you are damned.  These people don’t have much faith in the Lord.  They don’t think He is capable of giving us free will, making us masters of our own fate.  I was taught that God was omnipotent.  That he gave us the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden, and left us free to fall, or be saved.

That’s my version of Christianity.  150 years ago it was called muscular.  It’s a fighting faith.  The Lord’s not going to save us.  We have to do that on our own.  My wife and I went to see “American Sniper” a while ago.  Chris Kyle was a Christian warrior.  This country’s going to be fine.  There aren’t a lot of Chris Kyle’s out there.  But there’s enough.  We just can’t let them die in political projects, like nation building.  No American blood should be shed building another nation.  I get very angry when I think about it.

Those of us on the civilian side have work to do of our own.  Things like the Reagan Amendment don’t just happen, in acts of spontaneous combustion.  That’s not how politics works.  Things happen when people make them happen.  This new website is a platform for, among other things, asking for help.

Follow along, and contribute if you can.

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