The competition

Doug Sosnik is a designated Deep Thinker in the Clinton Machine.  He’s a big picture guy, and is taken seriously by some.  He’s got a thumbsucker up at Politico saying, essentially, that in the long term Hispanics are going to bury the Republicans.  Some day soon, but definitely by 2040, we’re doomed.  Yawn.  The only interesting thing in his piece is his admission that this might not happen in 2016.  To me it sounds like he’s making excuses in advance for a campaign he’s afraid is going to lose.

Reading this thing put me in a good mood.  I try and keep up with everybody’s thinking on the left and right.  The Reagan Project is a political movement that operates in today’s political environment.  It’s all about politics, and it’s good to know what the other side is thinking.  If Sosnik is any indication, it’s not much.  When you start making political predictions 25 years out, based on the continuation of current demographic trends, and an unvarying continuation of the political effect of those trends, you’re nervous about today.  It’s something you’d rather avoid discussing.

We’re running with the tide.  They’re fighting it.  The playing ground has tilted.  I see evidence of it almost every day.  It’s almost as though I can feel it.  I could be wrong, and I’m well aware of that.  So I’m constantly looking for counter indications, something that doesn’t fit my narrative.  What could I be missing?  Not much, according to Dr. Sosnik.

Like yesterday, I can remember the wave that brought Reagan in.  Once the Iranian hostage crisis happened, the wave began to build.  Some old guy from Montana, I think his name was Ralph Winterood, the Reagan campaign’s western states coordinator, came up to Anchorage in the summer of 1979 to figure out who he wanted running the campaign in Alaska.  The people who ran it in ’76 screwed up.  I was involved, and I watched it happen.  These guys were real amateurs.

I’d done my part, as a district chairman.  In fact, I’d kicked ass.  My wife and I were living in some dumpy house in Spenard back then, in low rent District Nine.  Solid Democrat district, with the Republican District leadership firmly held by the Ted Stevens people.  Stevens supported Ford.  So I did a little community organizing, took over the district, and sent eight  out of eight Reagan delegates to the state convention.

I guess Ralph heard about that.  He had me up to his room at the Captain Cook and asked me to be state chairman.  I asked him if Reagan was too old, and he said you ought to be around him.  He’s raring to go.  So I accepted, and was involved a little with the national campaign.  Not much, really.  We had Alaska in the bag.  But I watched what was going on like a hawk, and  I saw it coming.  I felt it coming.

Just like I do today.

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