Who’s on first?

According to Fox News First, a daily racing form on the presidential derby, today the R’s are ranked:

Bush, Walker, Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Kasich, Fiorina, Perry, Huckabee and Christie.

Biddulph is going full steam ahead on Tax Day rallies on the steps of the Capitol in Columbia and Oklahoma City.  We want a presidential candidate at  both of them.  Bush and Christie are bad choices, mainly because they’re not popular with state legislators in these states.  Everybody else is fine.  We need to give Kasich first dibs.  He’s earned that.  If he declines we want Perry in South Carolina.  Sponsor Sen. Larry Grooms will do the invite.  John  Steinberger is the main man in South Carolina, and he thinks Grooms supported Perry in 2012.  Perry does have the remnant of an organization there, and is probably trying to rebuild it.

In Oklahoma sponsor Rep. Gary Banz will make the call.  We’ll see who he wants.  They’re all fine.

Looking forward, we should be able to get presidential candidates at all our major functions, including the Reagan Amendment Rally in Seattle on August 3rd.  Leaving out Bush and Christie, which I believe we should do, we’ve got at least eight to choose from.  They will all  be looking for venues to campaign in, an issue to embrace, and allies on the ground.  We’ve got it all.  Of course, the way I look at it the first candidate to wrap his arms around the Reagan Amendment will be the one to watch.

That’ll be the smart one.

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