Micro Targeting

It’s the big new thing in politics.  Loren Enns is our IT guy, and that’s what he’s doing in South Carolina and, especially, Oklahoma.  We need both, along with Wisconsin, to get to our 2015 goal of 30.  When you’re trying to get to 34, 30 sounds a lot better than 29, or, God forbid, 28.

The South Carolina House is in recess until the 14th, and the goal is to encourage them to take up our bill upon their return.  Those on the ground are fairly confident of having the votes, but the Birchers and others are doing all they can to stop us.  This legislature operates under some truly bizarre rules. They seem designed to thwart the will of the majority.  Or something.  They’re weird.  It’s almost like the old Polish Senate, where unanimity was required to do anything.  Naturally, very little got done, and Poland disappeared for a while.  Apparently back in the 20th century some guy ran the Senate for 30 years and came up with these things.  Now 85 year old Sen. Hugh Leatherman is carrying on the tradition.  As an outsider, I really don’t know what the hell is going on.  We should get South Carolina.  It’s the only deep south state we don’t have.  Dave Guldenschuh is helping out, Lou Marin is working the grass roots, Loren is micro targeting, Biddulph’s polling, and John Steinberger is working hand in glove with sponsor Sen. Larry Grooms.  We’re giving it all we’ve got.  That’s all you can do.

We’re up in Senate Rules in Oklahoma next Wednesday.  I’m 1500 miles away, but the disturbing news of Dr. Boren’s hospitalization for his cancer may have an incidental side effect.  He apparently laid it out to these guys on Article V.  Told them the truth, and asked them to act.  Attacks on him by the Birchers backfired badly.  Maybe a few of these guys can work up the courage to face down the Birchers as a testament to him.  I’d like to believe that.  Dr. Coburn is one of a very rare breed — a man of courage, intelligence, and tenacity.  He delivered thousands of Oklahoma babies.  He’s like a legend.  Maybe they’ll do it for him.

Or, maybe, oil.  The oil companies will soon get wind of the Reagan Amendment.  Whether you like it or not, they’re going to make a ton of money if it’s approved.  These people are notorious for the relentlessness with which they pursue their self interest.  Having been an Alaska legislator, I can assure you of that.  I was never one of their fair haired boys.  They’d contribute to my campaign, just like they did to every Republican, but I was never tight with them.  In fact, after the Valdez oil spill in ’89, I took them on.  They wanted drilling rights in Bristol Bay, home of the world’s greatest run of sockeye, and I made a speech telling them to forget about it.  It wasn’t going anywhere anyway, but they didn’t appreciate my attitude.  They don’t like independence in their legislators.

Right now Conoco-Phillips is the biggest oil producer in Alaska, and would have a major participation in the development of the oil in ANWR.  They’re very big in Oklahoma.  The oil and gas industry is, I believe, a major player in Oklahoma Republican politics.

Am I missing something?

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