Drought might change the politics of California in the next few years.  10% of our water is urban use, 40% agricultural, and 50% “environmental”  — used to support our ecosystem.  If this is the mega-drought that some serious scientists say it is, all will have to be reduced.  The enviros run this state.  They’ve got a lock on it.  They will hold their breath, roll around on the floor and turn purple before they let one God damn bait fish be discomfited.  Crops will die, orchards will be destroyed, and fields lay fallow  — that’s all fine.  The already depressed economy of the Central Valley will be ruined, for a long time to come.  Tough.

This is serious business, but the media in this state won’t want to talk about it.  It’s off limits.  But at some point the wall of silence will be breached.  There’s almost 40 million people in this state, and some of them will step up.  Millions of acre feet are fed into the delta, and then out to sea, to save the habitat of the delta smelt.  That fish (it looks like a good sized minnow) will be the symbolic center of a hugely consequential political battle.

I don’t know this state well enough to predict the outcome, except to say the Latino population is the key.  Their political elites are in lock step with the crazy wing of the Democratic Party.  Some Mexican-American needs to be a leader here.  His or her people are the ones who will suffer.  I’m keeping my eye out for one.

If I find one, I’m going to help.

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