Jack Aubrey and wedding cakes.

The Aubrey-Maturin series of novels was the best literature of the 20th century.  Co-hero Jack Aubrey engaged in a lot of naval battles, and he was always trying to get the weather gauge, to have the wind at his back.  It gave him the freedom of maneuver, and was often the key to his victory.  It’s like having the high ground in a land battle.  You want to fight on the field you choose, not your enemy.

So I want to have a fight over wedding cakes, and homosexual marriage, and Christianity, and the overweening state.  This is good ground for our side.  Ideal, really.  Our opponents claim to be fighting for tolerance, but they’re anti-Christian bigots and bullies.  The people of this country get it.  I read on Drudge that some couple back east are losing their pizza parlor because of these fascistic bastards.  And people from all over the country have ponied up over half a million dollars to help them out.  Politically, who’s side do you want to be on in this fight?  I think I’ve got that figured out.

Sometimes I think I’m a little old to be doing what I’m doing.  But then I of think of Patrick Ross, who wrote those books I love so much, and have read repeatedly.  His father was German, but he was raised an Englishman, and changed not just his name, but his identity to his own invention, Patrick O’Brian.  He started writing these books when he was 56.  He wound up writing twenty of them, right up until he was 85.

So maybe I’ve got some time left.

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