Curt Bramble

Along with Kraig Powell, he got us Utah.  He’s been all over the country talking to legislative leadership in his role as incoming President of NCSL.  There was a story in the WaPo yesterday which quoted Utah Senate President Wayne Niederhauser.  He said you can’t really be sure what would happen at a Constitutional Convention.  Rob Natelson took exception to his comments, and put out an email highly critical of them.  Curt took exception, and fired back.  I jumped in and promoted the Reagan Initiative Summit.  This led to a long phone call with Curt, which I had been looking forward to.  He liked the idea of having the meeting, and said there would be a big Utah contingent at NCSL, and some of them would attend.  I’d already talked to Kraig, and so I was counting Utah as one of the seven states I had so far.  This was confirmation, from the President pro tempore of the Utah Senate.

Georgia Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert was in on the emails, and emailed me back, saying count him, and Georgia, in.  I was counting on Bill, and Georgia makes eight.  I’ve emailed Article V Caucus Co-chair Yvette Herrell, and she and I will talk tomorrow.  I’m quite confident she’ll be eager to participate, which would mean New Mexico can be added as number nine.  The way things are breaking we might get to 26 by the end of the month.  Then on to 38, or more, if possible.

The national media will not be our friend.  They will undermine us however they can.  It’s really impossible, at this point, to have any message discipline.  Too many people involved, and no coordination.  That’s something we could talk about in Seattle.  I’m not too worried about the press.  State Legislators in West Virginia and Idaho don’t pay a lot of attention to big media.  They all know it’s biased.  In some cases, like the New York Times, they’re nothing more than a publicity machine for the Democratic line, whatever it is.  The real left wing media is going to accuse us of wanting to repeal the 13th Amendment, and bring back slavery.  I’m not kidding.  They will say anything.

I’ll be off the blog for a few days.  I’m going camping with Dan Fleming, a friend from high school.  He’s on daily dialysis, so I don’t know how this is going to work, but we’ll find out.  I doubt I’ll be able to do much camping with Dan in the future.  We’ve been going camping for fourteen years.  This may be it.  I owe this to Danny.

When I was 25 I moved from Alaska back to California.  I had applied to several California law schools, and was sure I’d be accepted somewhere.  I went to work at Payless Drugs in Oakland, where I’d worked in high school and college.  I was trying to save money for law school.  I think I only had a few thousand dollars to my name, and knew I needed more.

So Danny comes in one day, and we have a nice talk.  Everybody likes Danny.  He’s one of those kinds of guys.  He tells me there’s a cashier I should ask out, Babbie Hawksley.  He was engaged, and Babbie was his fiancée’s best friend from Piedmont High.  I’d noticed her before, of course, but hadn’t really thought of asking her out.  I’d graduated from Cal four years ago, and hadn’t really accomplished anything since.  I couldn’t afford to hang out at bars, or do the kinds of things you might do to meet girls.  I figured all that would come later.

So a few days later I worked up my courage and asked her out.  We were married eight months later.

Yeah, I owe Danny.

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