Dog food

Rep. Gary Banz intends to put our bill on the Senate floor a week from tomorrow.  Up or down.  They’re getting Article V fatigue in Oklahoma.  CoS is very active there, and has made as much progress as we have, amazingly enough.  There was talk of combining our two Resolutions.  A State Senator supported their bill in committee, but not ours.  There really is no rational reason to do that.  It’s a way to force us to combine with them, which is a very bad idea.

Dave Guldenschuh is going to Oklahoma City to try to help clear all this up.  When CoS started out, I didn’t think they’d get one state.  Dave was instrumental in passing CoS in his native Georgia, but has since become disillusioned with them, and is now on the Task Force.  Gary says he thinks things have been moving our way. It’s time to find out if he’s right.  We all have a lot of confidence in him, and in Dave G.  This will be a very big vote.  The Birchers are very strong in Oklahoma.  A win there would be a huge boost.

The Capitol rally in South Carolina is the day after to morrow, featuring potential Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, a very impressive man.  We’re hoping Senator Leatherman will see him.  We’ve asked Carson to invite Leatherman to the rally.  Carson’s black, which might mean something to Leatherman.  He’s got a lot of blacks in his district.  He may not run again.  He’s 85 and in failing health, falling to sleep occasionally on the floor.  But he may not have decided yet, and being seen in public with a black man of Carson’s stature, and appeal, might interest him.

The Clinton juggernaut is underway.  What a spectacle.  What a joke.  These people are absolutely amazing.  Hillary goes to the Dominican mansion of fashion magnate Oscar de la Renta in order to decide if she wants to run for President, on a platform of bashing the rich.  The week of her announcement she puts her extremely homely daughter on the cover of ultra sophisticated Elle magazine, decked out like a fashion queen.  In the interview inside, she talks of her new found dedication to the poor.  It’s hilarious.  Now she’s “cut her ties” to the Clinton Foundation, as if that meant something.

You don’t know where to begin with these people.  Where do you start?  I’m going with Paula Jones, but the other 90’s Clinton scandals, while legitimate, are stale.  The Clinton Foundation is fresh, and more importantly, it involves Bill.  Direct attacks on Hillary are dicey business, because she can always get weepy, that everyone’s being mean to her.  It’s worked for her before, and she’s probably been practicing her technique, knowing she’ll need to use it again.  Her gender is really the only rationale for her candidacy.  Clinton Foundation money is dirty money.  Even people on the left are aware of that.  That’s our first target  — Bill’s foundation, not hers.

I sincerely hope she meets her goal of raising $2.5 billion.  Suck the money out of these dumb bastards, I say.  It doesn’t matter.  The story of the Madison Avenue executives meeting to find out why their elaborate ad campaign was such a bust is a good one.  One of them asked, “Maybe it’s the God damn dog food?”  Hillary Clinton is bad dog food.  They won’t be able to sell her.

There’s a big lesson to be learned from all that Arab money going to the Clinton Foundation.  They’re trying to buy influence.  They didn’t need to do that as much in the past.  But today the American people are thoroughly fed up with the Middle East, and everyone in it, except the Israelis.  We’ll make sure Israel is O.K., but that doesn’t mean we need to get in the middle of all the insanity there.  We want out.  It’s cold hearted to say this, because there are a lot of innocent women and children in the Middle East.  But there are a lot of innocent women and children all over the world.  It is not the job of the American military to save them.  That’s up to their menfolk.

The fracking revolution made the Middle East unimportant to us.  It’s still important to the Europeans and Asians.  That’s why it’s their problem, not ours.  We’ve fought wars in the Middle East for oil.

Never again.

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