It’s a luxury good.  How much is enough?  We should decide that democratically, but Congress unconstitutionally delegated its power to decide to a bureaucracy, the EPA.  That agency is under the control of environmental fanatics.  They are totalitarians at heart, and believe we should all learn to live with less.  Property rights mean nothing to them.  All must be sacrificed before the goddess Gaia.  The earth is their religion.

These are the people who will fight the Reagan Amendment the hardest.  With its promise of opening up large areas of the West to resource development, it is anathema to them.

To secure ratification of the Reagan Amendment, a political campaign will need to be conducted.  It will have to be, in scale, equivalent to a Presidential campaign.  The stakes will be just as high.  Actually, higher.  Because the Reagan Amendment would represent a turning point in American political history.  And everyone will know it.

I’m not qualified to run such a campaign.  There are true professionals who are.  I just hope to get my two cents in.  Who will run this campaign?  The Koch brothers?  I hope not.  They mean well, but they get taken in by political hustlers like Karl Rove.  Come to think of it, no one will run it.  Everybody will have to pitch in.  There will be no real coordination.  The energy industry will come up with the money.

I hope they spend it wisely.  We have a good story to tell.  In Alaska, selling the development of ANWR is easy.  Everyone’s afraid Alaskans will ruin their environment with their greed.  Bullshit.  No one cares about Alaska like the people who live there.  Trust me.  Look at the Pebble Mine, the largest concentration of undeveloped mineral wealth in North America.  It’s a mountain of gold, and it won’t be touched.  It lies at the headwaters of Bristol Bay, one of the great fisheries of the world.  The people who live there don’t want this mine, and it’s not going to happen.

And that’s their decision.  That’s the way such decisions should be made, not by some pencil pushing nerd in Washington.   That’s the story we have to tell the American people.

It’s a matter of communication.  And in the age of the internet, the truth gets out.

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