Nine down, seventeen to go

Rep. Yvette Herrell of New Mexico is Co-Chair of the Article V Caucus and a leader of the Article V movement.  I finally was able to get through to her today, and we had a good conversation about the Reagan Amendment, and what, specifically, it would mean for New Mexico.  She will come to the Seattle legislative summit, and feels good about the chances of convincing House Speaker Tripp to accompany her.  She also agreed to discuss it with her Co-Chair, Senate Majority Whip Kevin Lundberg of Colorado.  Colorado is still in session, and Kevin is very busy.  I’ll get to him myself when they adjourn on May 11.

New Mexico is purple, and the Democrats control the Senate.  When I talk to Speaker Tripp about the Reagan Amendment, I’m going to ask him if he thinks it would be worthwhile to approach Senate President Mary Kay Papen with the idea.  The Reagan Amendment would be very good for New Mexico.  The feds own 34% of it.  Perhaps the best interests of New Mexico will prevail in a contest with her Democratic partisanship.  This will be a test case.  President Papen and the Speaker of the Colorado House are the only Democratic presiding officers of any legislative chamber west of the Mississippi, save the coast.  She is, presumably somewhat moderate, though I don’t know that.  I honestly don’t know how she’ll react to the Reagan Amendment.  Horror, probably.  It’ll be interesting.

Next is Nevada.  My target is Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson.  First I’ll approach one of the five cosponsors of the CoS in the Nevada Assembly.  They know Article V, and they’ll understand the Reagan Amendment.  They’ll get me to Roberson.  This will be a very interesting conversation.  Roberson’s a lawyer, and smart.  He’s probably going to run for the U.S. Senate next year.  The Reagan Amendment has enormous implications for Nevada.  The feds own 83% of it.  Politicians in Nevada love to get up and raise hell about this, but they’ve never been able to do anything about it.  Roberson could.  The Reagan Amendment is no fantasy.  It could happen.  It’s very much in Roberson’s political interest to join our team.  I’m hoping he’ll be a leading member.

Marco Rubio has everything it takes to become President of the United States.  Unlike his fellow Cuban-American Senator, he comes across as a very nice, pleasant man.  He has what Reagan had, and Cruz lacks: humility.  The very best politicians have that.  Actually, the best people have that.  I’m very glad Marco is giving up his Senate seat.  To me, that speaks volumes.  That’s what Barry Goldwater did in 1964.  And Marco shouldn’t make a career of the Senate.  It would kill his soul.  I know of what I speak.  And if he became a great legislator, which he could, he wouldn’t necessarily help his chances of becoming President.  Ask Bob Dole.

I hope Marco is our next Vice President.  And I hope he performs well in that job, and is elected himself.  I like this man.  The Republicans can’t win without Florida, and he could deliver it.  It’s a no-brainer.

I should have left the legislature after six years, but I deluded myself into thinking we were going to take the House, and I’d  be Speaker.  My wife didn’t believe me, and she made me put it in writing.  She keeps it in her desk, and shows it to me every once in a while.

They’re like elephants.

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