This guy has balls?

Someone, I think Dave Guldenschuh, saw Ted Cruz’ father at a political event.  He’s for a BBA, but was noncommittal on Article V.  That reflects his son’s views.  John Steinberger, in South Carolina, pressed Ted on it, and was told, well, yes, I’m for using Article V.  John had to coax it out of him.  Cruz has publicly expressed caution, even skepticism, when it comes to Article V.

Cruz knows this is bullshit.  The time we live in cries out for the use of Article V.  He knows that because he may be the smartest man in America.  Alan Dershowitz, the greatest legal mind of our time, assures us of that.   If only I’d had Dershowitz as a law professor I might be almost as smart as Cruz.

Cruz is playing footsie with the Birchers and Eagle Forum.  Doesn’t want to piss them off.  He thinks he’s being a smart politician.  But he’s outsmarting himself.

He’s just showing he lacks balls.

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