Co-Chair, Seattle Legislative Summit

Mary Kay Papen is an eighty year old grandmother who is President of the New Mexico Senate, and a Democrat.  The Association of Commerce and Industry bestowed the title of “Jobs Legislator” on her.  She’s no tree hugger, and this term in the Senate may be her last.  The New Mexico legislature was gridlocked this year.  The Republicans took over the House for the first time in forever, and they and Republican Governor Martinez fought the Democrats in the Senate to a draw.  Nothing got done, to the embarrassment of, I’m sure, Senate President Papen.  From what I’ve read, it wasn’t her fault.  She’s a conciliator, not a political hack.

I think the Reagan Amendment might appeal to her.  It would be good for New Mexico, and her grandchildren.  Her involvement would make it bipartisan.  Somebody has to be the leader and spokesperson for the Seattle Legislative Summit, or SLS.  It can’t be me, that’s for sure.  That would be weird.  I’d rather stay behind the scenes.  Mary Kay would be perfect.  She won’t have to do anything, really.  Or not much.

We’ll need a Co-Chair from the East.  A Republican woman would be best.  The more women, the better.  There are some men that could do it.  Senate Presidents Long and Faber of Indiana and Ohio come to mind.  But a woman would be much better.  With few exceptions, a woman who achieves a leadership role in a state legislature is a tough and savvy politician.  And it’s harder for the media to attack a woman.  People don’t like that.  Who I want is Joni Ernst, from Iowa, but she got elected to the U. S. Senate.  I want someone like Joni Ernst.  She’d be Co-Chair with Mary Kay, but she could also  use her involvement with the SIS to get elected to higher office, Governor or Senator.  The kind of woman I’m looking for is ambitious.  The hunt is on.

I’ll bet I find her.

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