Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez of Orange County has the opportunity to be a transformational figure in California politics.  Mexican-Americans hold the balance of political power here.  If they stick with fellow minority blacks, the liberal Democrats can’t lose.  We’re a one party, deep blue state, as blue as it gets.  If they go with white Republicans, we’re purple.  Sanchez is the key, and she’s already made her decision.  She’s going with us.  She has no choice.  The black Attorney General, Kamala Harris, has been groomed for the Senate by, among others, former Speaker Willie Brown, still a very influential voice in Democrat politics.  The entire liberal political establishment, which is very powerful, is united behind her.  She’ll have unlimited cash.  She’s well spoken and “clean”, as Joe Biden would say.  A female Obama.  A woman who, as a United States Senator, would be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate as soon as she’s sworn into office.

But she’s got a problem, named Loretta.  Sanchez can beat her.  Take what’s left of the Republicans, add Mexican-Americans, and you’ve got a majority.  It’s arithmetic, not rocket science.  Loretta’s a political liberal, for sure.  That’s the way she votes.  But she acts like a blue dog.  She’s got an attitude.  I know very little about her, but I like what I’ve seen so far.  When she was in the Assembly she accused the Mexican-American Speaker of calling her a whore.  He denied it, but it shows she’s got spunk, doesn’t take orders.  She reminds me of Washington Senate President Pam Roach.  My kind of gal.  I get along very well with women like Loretta.  I like women in general, and I like them a little feisty.  And I like Mexican-Americans.  They hold the key to the future of my native state.

I guess I owe California.  When I started at Cal, in 1962, tuition was about $90 a semester.  Books were a lot more expensive than tuition.   UCLA Law cost my wife and I $232 a quarter.  That was exactly how much her dividend checks were on her little inheritance.  We never took out a loan of any kind, and when we went to Alaska we didn’t have any money, but we were debt free.  So, yeah, I owe California, and I’m going to pay my debt by going to work for my fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez.  If I get the chance, I’ll advise her to run as a Jack Kennedy Democrat.  Not Teddy.  He was a punk.  Jack, the man.  I’ve got a lot of advice for her.  She should not support Hillary.  That would be really dumb.   She should back Lincoln Chafee for President, the antiwar Democrat.

My high school buddy and camping partner, Danny Fleming, knows how to get in touch with her.  He knows all these Democrats, including Willie and Jerry Brown.  When Jerry was first Governor he was single, and had an affair going with some Democratic lobbyist.  It was hush hush, so Danny would escort this woman to parties where she’d hook up with Jerry.  I emailed Danny this morning, asking him to put me in touch with Loretta.  I bet he comes through for me.

Demographers tell us Mexican-Americans will be running California in the near future, and I don’t dispute that.  But what kind of Mexican-Americans?  Ethnic hustlers, Latino equivalents of Al Sharpton, or people like Loretta?  I bet Loretta knows all about Cesar Chavez, probably much better than I do.  Chavez was dead set against major immigration from Mexico.  It expanded the labor pool, making it harder for him to organize the pickers in the San Joaquin.  Mexican-Americans are Americans from Mexico.  They prefer the United States to their country of origin.  That’s why they’re here.  They don’t automatically vote with the liberals.  They’re against gay marriage, for example, and are not environmental fanatics.  They want jobs, they want to earn good money, just like everybody else.  The coastal elites in California are screwing them over.

I think Loretta understands all this, and I think that’s why she wants to run for the Senate.

And it’s why she’ll win.

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