Valadao (or Nunes) for Senate

They’re Republican, and that will have to change.  California’s a very blue state at the moment.  I believe that will start to change next year.  But for the time being you can’t win statewide as a Republican.  It’s like being a Democrat in Wyoming.  It’s a non-starter, unless you’re running against someone who is politically crippled.  In order to win, you will have to run as an Independent.   It’s easy.  You send a postcard to Sacramento.  I did it over a year ago.  It’s painless.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez is not running.  She’d have been perfect.  Oh well.  I was hoping there was a blue dog Democrat left in the Central Valley, but they’re all gone.  Districts 21 and 22 are the heart of the valley, and both have Republicans, David Valadao and Devin Nunes.  Neither are Mexican-American.  They’re both Portuguese-American dairy farmers, both families originally from the Azores.  But they can pass.

Devin’s been in twelve years, and has built up some seniority, so he might hesitate to take a chance.  David’s in his second term, and is only 39, I believe.  Young and hungry.  And an accomplished politician.  He knows how to win Mexican-American votes.  Devin’s got 42% Hispanic.  David’s got 72%, the highest in California.  Who says Mexican-Americans won’t vote for Republicans?   These guys are the future of conservatism in California.  They get it.  And they’re conservative as hell.

The Senate race, right now, looks to be a contest between a black Northern California ultraliberal woman, Attorney General Kamala Harris, and a Jewish Southern California liberal lawyer, Rep. Adam Schiff.  A minor Republican Assemblyman, Rocky Sanchez or something like that, is not taken seriously by anyone.  No Republican of any stature is going to get in.  We’re blue on blue.  A black lawyer from San Francisco against a Jewish lawyer from L.A.

What’s a chicano going to do?  That’s what Mexican-Americans used to call themselves.  You don’t hear it that often any more.  I’ve got an idea.  Vote for an Independent from the Central Valley who speaks your language, represents you in Congress, and knows you, and your politics, better than anyone else.  Nunes or Valadao.

40% of California voters are Republicans.  Nunes or Valadao will get almost all those votes.  They get through the jungle primary on those votes alone.  Then they’re one on one with either the black Northern California lawyer or the Jewish Southern California lawyer.  These guys are farmers.  When you buy a quart of milk, they may have produced it for you.  They’re of recent immigrant heritage.  Their families succeeded with work, hard, tedious, four o’clock in the morning work.  These are very likable guys, with wonderful families.

Either one of them would win.  And all of a sudden, California’s a little purplish.

A lot of people don’t understand Chicanos.  I’ve known some pretty well.  One of my best buddies at Cal was Frank Aranzubia, from the barrio in Chula Vista, right on the border.  Frank had a really great sense of humor.  It cracks me up remembering him.  He said he was hitchhiking one time and got a ride from a guy named Big Al, who had a very weird way of speaking, which Zubie picked up on.  He called it Big Al talk, and we all talked it, our little core group.  We called ourselves the real guys.  Zubie, Warren Westrup, Doug Southworth, Rich Inadomi, the Japanese Mind Attack, and me.  To be a real guy, you had to talk Big Al talk.  I taught some of it to my sons, and we do a little Big Al talk sometimes.  It mainly involves chicken shit, said in every tone possible.  Exclamatory.  Surprised. Angry. Happy.  Skeptical.  Anything.  Say chicken shit in the exactly right way, and you can make it mean almost anything.

Chicken shit!

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