An invitation

I sent one to Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs for the Seattle Summit.  In addition to being the foremost opponent of Article V, Andy’s a photographer, and a very good one, indeed.  A true pro.  He’s holding a workshop in Oregon on August 6th.  I believe this is how he makes a living.  He probably is getting the state to pay for his trip to NCSL, and is doing a little business in the Great Northwest on the side while he’s there.  That’s completely legitimate.  Everybody does it.

Andy wrote a book, “The Con Of the Con-Con.”  I suppose I should read it, and probably will, at some point.  I just don’t want to buy it.  I think Hal Wick got a copy.  I’ll borrow his.  I read a couple of reviews on Amazon, which included a couple pull quotes.  One reads, “It isn’t the process that will produce a run-away convention, but it is the personnel attending the gathering.”  Clumsy prose, but point well taken.  He’s right, and I told him so.  I told Andy I wanted him to meet the personnel who will be attending, and controlling, the 2016 Amendment Convention.  They’ll be gathered in Seattle.  Politically, they’re his brothers and sisters.  He’s one of them.  He has nothing to fear.  He just needs to get to know these people.  Hell, they all need to get to know each other.  That’s the point of the Summit.

Another quote from Andy’s book: “When we start electing people who are committed to individual freedom, we will know that the time is soon coming when it is safe to convene an Article V convention.”  As I told Andy, that time has come.  That time is now.  We have 31 red states, and seven purple.  This is about as good as it gets for our side.  I am convinced that the legislative leadership of the 31 red states is, collectively, more committed to individual freedom than any other body of political leaders in the country.  If not now, when?

I’ve got a road map of the USA on my office wall.  I spend a lot of time looking at it, and thinking of the individual states, and the legislative leadership in each of them.  I’d say I’ve got a pretty good feel for who they are, and what their politics are, in about 40.  I’m learning all the time.  As they say at Faber College, Knowledge is good.  The more I know the more I like.  These are good people.  Most of them are patriots.  I personally know only a dozen or so, but that number is going up all the time.  I can work with these people.  Actually, I consider myself one of them, albeit retired.  But I’m on the Wall of Honor.  My vote was, in part, responsible for the State of Alaska calling for an Article V BBA Convention in 1984.  Right now I’d guess there are around 3,000  names on the Wall of Honor.  We need around 1,000 more.

The reason my name is there is because of Bob Ziegler of Ketchikan.  He was a blue dog Democrat, and we were both in the Senate Minority.  The Democratic Senate leadership was so corrupt that Bob refused to be part of the majority.  They had eight Democrats and four Republicans.  We had six Republicans and two Democrats.  To do some kinds of business you wanted fourteen, or 2/3.  Bob agreed to give them his vote on procedural questions.  I thought he was being too accommodating.  I really didn’t like these guys, especially Senate President Jalmar Kerttula, a socialist Finn.  But Bob knew what he was doing.  Because he accommodated them, they let him bring the BBA to the floor, and he got the votes.  I think it was 11-9, but I’m not sure.

Bob and I were friends.  Good friends.  He was Sweet Old Bob.  When he’d get an insulting letter from a constituent (he knew them all, practically) he’d write back, telling them that some asshole was sending him letters using their name.  He’d sign it Sweet Old Bob.

I have a lot of memories of Bob.

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