Saturday in Savannah

Biddulph has been trying to organize a meeting for May 16th, right after the ALEC executive board meeting in Savannah.  He tells me this morning that he’s succeeded in getting Ohio Senate President Keith Faber to moderate, along with me, a session on what can go into a BBA.  Faber’s important.  He’s part of Kasich’s inner circle, and a very bright guy.  And a guy that wants, very badly, to save the coal industry.  He’ll be one of the leaders of the Amendment Convention.  He has shown that he will do all he can to help us in the states we still need.

Ever since I came up with the Reagan Initiative I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me why it can’t, or won’t, work.  Nothing yet.  If Faber can’t come up with some objection, maybe there isn’t one.

Dave is also working, with Mike Bowman of ALEC, at getting an oil and gas guy at the Thursday meeting.  They’ve got a private room set up, which is good.  I’d rather not have people siting at a bar overhear our conversation.

I have an idea.  I think Peabody should see if it can find a whistleblower inside the EPA.  I think there’s an active, ongoing conspiracy between the EPA and the major environmental organizations, in cahoots with the White House.  The mission: kill the coal industry.  They’re fanatics, and given to fanatical language.  One of them got caught with an open mike last year and was forced to resign.  Maybe some sane person was hired during the Bush administration, and they’re still there.  I bet they’d have stories to tell.

You never know what you’re going to find unless you look.

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