Simpson-Bowles, Article V style

The flat tax.  The fair tax.  Repealing the Internal Revenue Code.  Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.  Repealing the 16th Amendment.  A consumption tax.  Abolishing the IRS.  Fill out a postcard to do your taxes.  All the lovely dreams.

None of them poll well enough to use Article V.  And Article V may be the only way we get one of them.  It’s a marketing problem.  So we sell the second Article V Amendment Convention as tax reform.  Period.  Or, in the words of President Obama, when he created the Simpson-Bowles Commission, “policies to improve the fiscal situation in the medium term and to achieve fiscal sustainability over the long run.”  That grant of authority to the Amendment Convention would be broad enough to allow a flat tax, or any of the other ideas floating around.  But it doesn’t scare people.

The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (Simpson-Bowles) produced a flawed plan, but it was good enough to attract the support of Senator Tom Coburn as well as Nancy Pelosi.  Compromise is possible.  But the kinds of compromise you need to make to get Pelosi’s support means you’re brewing a pretty weak tea.

The way things are looking, after 2016 we may have 34 red state legislatures, up from the current 31.  We should pick up the Kentucky House, and we can win the Senate in Minnesota and the House in Maine and Washington.  If we have 34 we can call a second Convention on tax reform.  And we’ll run it.  They can propose something like a flat tax.  Whatever the voters of Maine, Washington, Minnesota and Oregon will go along with.  You might not be able to sell them on a flat tax, but maybe something close.  It requires political judgment to know how far you can go.  The legislative leadership of those states will be at the Convention.  If they don’t know, who would?

As of today Hillary still looks like the Democratic nominee.  Incredible.  I am amazed.  She is so bad.  I still don’t believe she’ll get it.  Her  weaknesses are so glaring, and so alarming, that something has to happen.  She still polls fairly well against the R’s.  That’s going to change.  Her numbers are heading south.  When she starts trailing the R’s by double digits, somehow, somebody will figure out how to pull the plug on her.

Dinesh D’souza and Gerald Molen made $33 million off a political movie.  It was about how Obama does not like this country.  Ho hum.  This is news?  Molen won an Oscar for “Schindler’s List”.  He lives in Big Fork, Montana and is a big time conservative.   My friend Steve Gough knows him well.  Steve lives in Montana and wrote a book on John Colter, who was the first Mountain Man.  He and Molen have been working together to try to get it made into a movie.  It would be a great film.  A lot of famous western movies have lifted scenes from the actual life of John Colter.  He was about the most complete bad ass ever.

I may try to get out to Big Fork to talk to Molen.  If he can make $33 million filming an Indian immigrant bitching about Obama, what could he do with the Article V movement?   Odds are, we’ll get our Convention.  It will need to be filmed for prosperity.  Oops, Freudian slip.   I meant posterity.  A patriot, like Molen, should be in charge.

I bet he’d like that.

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