Two years from now the people of this country will be ready for campaign finance reform through Article V.  They will have just endured the most expensive, and one of the dirtiest, Presidential campaigns in our history.  Bill and Hillary will raise and spend billions of dollars, and they will smear anyone who gets in their way.  It’s the Clinton Way.  It will be very ugly.

Because she’s such a lousy candidate, Hillary has no choice.  She’ll never get people to like her.  So she will try to make people like the Republican even less than they like her.  The lies and slander will come thick and fast.  In its death throes, legacy media will aid and abet.  This is going to be really hard to watch.

We have to be prepared to fight fire with fire.  No Marquis of Queensbury rules.  My personal favorites, Paul and Kasich, will be up to the task.  They’ve got balls.  Jeb Bush does not have balls.  It’s one of a multitude of reasons he’s the wrong guy.

A couple months ago I told Ryan Clayton of Wolf-pac I supported his campaign.  It’s mainly because, even though he’s a man of the left, he’s using Article V.  We are not a leftist country, so if there’s an Article V Campaign Finance Reform Convention it will not propose a leftist Amendment.  No one knows, today, what it would come up with, if anything.  So give it a go and see what the proposal is.  If it’s ratified by 38 states it will represent a national consensus, and we’ll all have to live with it, even if we don’t care much for it.

Kasich was on Fox News Sunday again, looking more like a candidate than ever.  He seems to be enjoying himself.  He’s got the passion, and let’s it show.  He’s good.  Paul has passion as well, I’m sure, but he’s a button down guy, and I’ve never seen him show any real fire.  Both have balls, and both are reaching across the aisle to Democrats of good will.  Outside of Washington there are a lot of such people, and to do big things we need some of them to buy in.  And we need to do big things.

I’ll be meeting Ohio Senate President Keith Faber on the 16th.  If he’s the man I think he is I’ll ask him to Co-Chair the Seattle Summit.  When it convenes, at, say, 10:00 a.m. on Monday August 3rd, he would have the floor, and hold the gavel.  It would be his meeting to conduct.  Somebody has to do it, and there’s no one more suited than him, as far as I can tell.  This does not mean that he will be in the Chair when the actual Amendment Convention meets a year from now.  But it would give him a leg up.

He can only be Co-Chair, of course, if he buys into the Reagan Initiative.  I bet he does.   His biggest contributor is American Electric Power, one of the largest coal burning utilities in the country.  Regulatory reform will be a boon to them, and Ohio.  But then again he might not buy in.  He’s part of Kasich’s inner circle, and Kasich has shown no interest.

Dr. Ben Carson announced today, and according to Bill Fruth said something about the need to get revenue from federal lands, which he estimated at $50 trillion.  That may be a bit high, but he gets it.  If we can’t get Kasich or Paul to the Seatlle Summit I’ll bet we could get Carson.  He’s a very attractive and intelligent man.  I like him a lot, and so do a whole lot of people.  I think he should be the Republican Vice Presidential candidate.  He’s more qualified than Sarah Palin was.  If something awful happened and he became President the sun wouldn’t fall out of the sky.  Hell, we’ve endured eight years of Obama, how much worse could it get?

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