A contest

The prize will be $10,000, or $50,000, or whatever we can raise.  All women are eligible.  You enter by posting a video of yourself on You Tube, saying something like:

“I’m Paula Jones.  When I was 25 I was working as a receptionist at a hotel in Little Rock.  Governor Bill Clinton stopped by and we had a few words.  He seemed nice enough.  Later an Arkansas State Trooper came by and told me the Governor wanted to see me.  He escorted me to his room, and dropped me off there.  When we were alone the governor pulled down his pants, exposed himself, and asked me for sex.  I was horrified, fled the hotel, but told only family and friends about what happened.  It was not a good idea for a poor single woman Arkansas to challenge a man like Bill Clinton.

“A few years later I read an article in the American Spectator that seemed to say that I had some sort of relationship with Bill Clinton.  I was very angry and decided to file a lawsuit.  I finally got a small time Arkansas lawyer to file the papers just before the statute of limitations ran out.

“When Clinton was put under oath he repeatedly lied.  Not only about me, but about other women, including Monica Lewinsky.  He was barred from practicing law because of this perjury.  I finally accepted a cash settlement of $650,000, most of which went to my lawyers.

“I’m coming forward now because his wife, Hillary, wants to be President.  Throughout her married life she has enabled the sexual predator she married.  Women who have had the courage to come forward have been called bimbos, trailer trash, and worse.  All these women did was come forward with the truth.  I didn’t do anything wrong, and neither did they.

“Bill Clinton likes to say Hillary was his co-President.  If she’s elected he’ll be her co-President.  That would be a national disgrace.  Again.”

Contestants don’t have to say these exact words.  This is just a sample of what could be said.  As long as the entry is squarely based on the factual record, it will qualify.

We’ll award the prize the day Hillary formally announces.

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