The delegates

Kurt Daudt, Speaker of the Minnesota House, will be one.  Each state will be different, but I suspect the norm will be for both presiding officers to go, along with a third delegate of their choosing.  I think the Convention will be next summer, or early fall at the latest.  Congress will decide.  I think Boehner and McConnell will want a successful convention, so they’ll schedule it accordingly.  Not many states have full time legislatures, like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, New York, California.  In those states the presiding officers may not be delegates, since their legislatures will be in session during the Convention.

So the meeting in Seattle will be, for the most part, a meeting of the delegates to the Amendment Convention.  Maybe not a majority of the delegates, but pretty close.  Some of them have thought about this.  A lot of them, like Kurt Daudt, haven’t.  It’s fun to think about.  You get to, with your colleagues, propose an Amendment to the Constitution.  You speak for your state, and represent its interests, just as the delegates in Philadelphia did.  This sort of thing hasn’t been done in this country in 229 years.  But you’re not starting from scratch, the way they were. You’re proposing one amendment, to balance the budget, and that’s all you’re doing.  You’re working within the framework set up by the Framers, as they intended us to do, when the time came.  And the time has come.  We’re doing what Mason and Madison would have expected us to do.  We’re not radicals or revolutionaries.  We’re restorationists.

I think these men and women will enjoy it.  They’re pretty smart, for the most part, and will feel up to the challenge.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of history?

The thing is, I know these people.  I was one of them, and in a way I still am.  They’re good people.  A few of them are a little full of themselves, but not that many.  And they’re patriotic as hell.  Most state legislators in this country don’t do it for a living.  It’s a part time job, and a sacrifice.  You give up time with your family, and time on your real job.  As soon as I left the legislature my wife and I started making real money in my law practice.  We struggled when I was in it.

So here’s the thing.  Let’s say you’re Kurt Daudt.  You want to be a delegate to the first Amendment Convention in our history.  You want this Convention to happen.  So you ram it through the House, and raise hell when the Democrats who run the Minnesota Senate won’t take it up.  For us, this is good.  We’ll probably never get Minnesota, but this issue could help us take back the Senate next year.  Come 2017 Minnesota could be a target state in the drive for a second Amendment Convention.

To succeed in politics you have to appeal to people’s self-interest.  It’s in Kurt Daudt’s self-interest to have this Convention.  There’s something in it for him.

And, of course, not just Kurt Daudt.  Phil Nicholas, and Bart Davis, and even Andy Biggs, if he gave it some thought, will want to be in on it.  You can spend a lifetime in politics, as I have, and get one chance to participate in something this big.  Big, and vital to the future of the country we all love.

So, yes, the Seattle Summit should be a success.  Just getting these delegates-to-be in the same room will make it one.  Whatever we accomplish beyond that will be gravy.

David Cuddy knows what it takes to make a movie.  He’s done it.  So does John Aglialoro.  He bankrolled the Ayn Rand movies.  Between the two of them they should be able to figure out how to make a documentary, or a reality type TV series.  Something.  If he just agrees to record, on film, the Seattle Summit I’ll be happy.  I’ll find out tonight.

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