Sen. Faber has a trial scheduled for August 3rd.  If he settles, he’ll make it to the Seattle Summit.  If not, he’ll send someone in his stead.  He lives 60 miles from Indiana Senate President David Long, his close ally.  He can get Long, or Long’s representative, to attend as well.

This means we’re half way to 26, a magic number.  I feel confident Biddulph and I can get eight more.  If Faber, or another leader, can get us five more we’ve got a quorum.  Once we get a quorum we have the kernel of an organization.  An organization that can be formalized in a second, Annapolis, Summit in December, also taking place in conjunction with an NCSL meeting.

Faber is skeptical about the Reagan Initiative.  New ideas take time.  It takes a while to sink in.  I believe he has an open mind .  That’s enough for me.  I’ve got seven months to convince him.

Right now there are Fish and Wildlife agents in Washington state who are out killing owls.  These are beautiful animals  –barred owls, a larger and more aggressive species than the spotted owl.  They’ll kill about 3,600 of these marvelous animals, because they’re behind the decline in the spotted owl population.  Not habitat loss, but competition from a superior species of owl is the problem.

Why are people crazy?

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