They start small, gather mass and speed, and become powerful.  You gotta start somewhere, so I started in Alaska, then to Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and on through the west.  But to really get rolling we need precisely what we got from Senator Faber this morning.  He agreed to co-sign an invitation to the Seattle Summit, along with his friend President Long of Indiana, to all presiding officers, 97 in all.  He’s responsible for finalizing Ohio’s budget, which ties him up until July 1st.  After that he agreed to do conference calls with fellow presiding officers, leading up to August 3rd.

Faber’s term limited out next year, and it’s pretty obvious what his next move is  — a run against very liberal Sherrod Brown for the U. S. Senate, or a prominent role in the Kasich administration.  Maybe both.  Republicans in Ohio have their act together, and plan these things out.

On July 1st, when his budget is done, Faber led us to believe that Kasich will make a decision on running.  All signs point to a go.  The first debate is in Cleveland on August 6th.  I will offer to do what I can, in California and the west.  Faber talked a little about Kasich’s plan.  Do well enough in New Hampshire and South Carolina to be considered a top tier candidate, and go from there.  Kasich can raise the money to do it.  No one has any idea how long it will take to clinch.  California’s primary is on June 7th 2016, with around 10% of the delegates, 20% of a majority at the Convention, at stake.  The Democrats in Sacramento have complete control of this process, and no one knows for sure what they’ll decide to do.  Anything from winner take all to strict proportionality is possible.  A serious campaign has to allow for the possibility that the whole thing could come down to California.  The last time I recall that happening was 1964, but you never know.

The guy with some clout is my partner Lew Uhler.  He’s known everybody in California politics for the last 50 years.  Lew’s pretty hard core, like I am, and wants the most conservative candidate who can win.  I’m going to talk to him about Kasich.  Kasich can not only win, he can govern.  You can’t say that, with any confidence, about Paul, Rubio or Cruz.  Walker could govern, but in pandering to the ethanol lobby in Iowa I’ve lost confidence in him.  As he describes himself, he’s unintimidated.  But he certainly didn’t display any balls in Iowa.  Plus, of course, where the hell is he on Article V and the BBA?  MIA.  Perry’s from Texas, and sounds and acts too much like G.W. Bush to go anywhere.  IMHO.

Faber sealed the deal for Kasich when I asked him about the Mideast.  I’m an antiwar libertarian, and I’m damned if I’m going to support anyone who wants to nation build or get boots on the ground in that lunatic asylum.  Israel’s security is one thing.  Our guarantee of that is absolute.  But beyond that we don’t need the Mideast, or their oil.  We’ve got  our own.  No more war for oil.  No more war.  Faber said he’s gun shy himself, but that Kasich is even more strongly committed to staying out of that mess.  Rand Paul appealed to me because he’s got the balls to say no to war.  I believe Faber when he says Kasich does too.

Merle Madrid was passing out bumper stickers, and I took a few.  I’ll put one on my truck.  I haven’t had a Presidential bumper sticker on my vehicle in 35 years.  I haven’t had a candidate to support since then.  I’m picky.  I don’t do these things lightly.  Kasich’s not the Gipper.  I’m under no illusions.  But he’s a real guy.  That’s rare, and refreshing.  Article V is more important than any Presidential election.  And we’re certainly not going to become an arm of the Kasich campaign.  But it’s nice, for me, to finally have a candidate.  I talk to a lot of people from all over the country.  Conservative Republicans.  They all rule out Bush and Christie, but they don’t know who to be for.

Now I’ve got a suggestion for them.

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