One state one vote, one amendment

If two things are accomplished at the Seattle Summit it will be a success.  Get as many states as possible, at least 26, to declare individually and collectively that voting at the Amendment Convention will be one state, one vote, and that only one Amendment, to balance the budget, will be considered.

At our meeting yesterday morning Senator Faber gave a little riff on the subject.  He said, in two or three minutes, in his own words, what we want every legislative leader to say  — it’s one state, one vote, or else no Convention.  And one Amendment on one subject  — balancing the budget  — will be the only topic of discussion.

I’ve asked my old Alaska friend David Cuddy to record all this on film.  I want 30, 40, 50 legislative leaders, Democrat and Republican, to be recorded saying essentially what Faber did, only in their own words.  Except that would be too long.  I don’t think we want to produce anything over half an hour, but then I’m just guessing.  We’ve got plenty of time to figure out the best format.  We want something to demonstrate to the runaway fear mongers that their worries are complete fantasies in the real world.  We’ll figure it out.

Every Democrat presiding officer should agree to the same thing.  There are only 30 of them, and aside from New York, California and Illinois it’s in their best interest that we have a one state, one vote rule.  And would any of them have a problem agreeing that a BBA should be the only topic under consideration?  I think not.  So we should have virtually unanimous support.

I’m floundering, trying to figure out how to convey this.  It should definitely be on a video, but in what format?  I really don’t know.  We’ve got time to think about it.  Whatever we come up with, it would be an attraction to attend the Summit.  What politician wouldn’t want to be featured in this video?  None that I’ve ever met.

I emailed Cuddy, hoping to get him to take this on.  Whoever does the video of Seattle will be in line to be the official video crew at the Amendment Convention.  That would be a plum.

Because Faber agreed to send the invitation to Seattle, the trip to Savannah was a success.  There was no way I was going to pull this off myself.  With Faber and Senator Long of Indiana “sponsoring” the Summit, in the sense of issuing the invitation, we’ve taken a huge step forward.  The Summit will happen, and it will be a success.  But, to what extent?

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