Daddy Issues

In America we respect self made men, guys like Eisenhower and the Gipper.  We don’t like guys who are born on third base and think they’re triples hitters.  Guys like Jeb Bush.  And, maybe, Rand Paul.

I like a lot of things about Paul, but there seems to be something missing.  It’s hard to put your finger on it, but I definitely get the sense that he’s in politics, at least in part, to redeem his father’s good name.  Ron Paul ran for President several times, as a Libertarian and a Republican.  He had a loyal, rabid following, but was never more than a fringe candidate.  No one took him seriously.  He was disrespected, called a crank and a kook.  I think this bothered Rand, who idolized his dad.  If he becomes President, he will redeem the good name of his father.  I think that’s a big part of why he’s running.  And that’s not a good reason to want to be President.  We have a recent example of it as evidence.

Mitt Romney loved his father, George, who rose from nothing to become the President of American Motors.  George was a successful Governor of Michigan who ran against Nixon for the nomination in 1968.  When he claimed that the American military had brainwashed him into supporting the Vietnam War his campaign nosedived and his elective political career was over.  I think Mitt got into Presidential politics to redeem the good name of his father.  It explains a lot.  He won the nomination only because of a very weak field.  When the time came for him to man up and seize the moment he just didn’t have the balls.

In the second debate Candy Crowley interrupted him to assert, mistakenly, that Obama had immediately labeled the Benghazi attack as terrorism.  This was his moment.  A man with balls would have won the election right then and there.  All he had to do was reprimand her, respectfully, for inserting herself into a debate she was supposed to be moderating.  And then refute her, forcefully, on Benghazi.  He let it slide, and it cost him the election.  Maybe he thought it was ungentlemanly to argue with a woman.  Whatever.  A real man, a self made man, was what he was not.

G.W. Bush had daddy issues as well.  I’ll never forget Governor Anne Richards give the nominating speech for Clinton in ’92.  She mocked Bush, saying, in a thick Texas drawl, “Poor George, he can’t he’p it.  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth!”    The crowd went wild.  Two years later W took her out.  I think he ran for Governor of Texas only because of that speech.  He wanted to redeem his father’s good name.  And I think he invaded Iraq, in part,  to punish Saddam Hussein for attempting to assassinate his father.

We’ve never really had a national political dynasty like the Bushes.  We’re not Argentina or India.  They’re un-American.  If Jeb Bush is elected President I’d be shocked.

When Rand Paul decided to run for reelection to the Senate, as well as President, it was a tell.  He wants to remain in the Senate.  Marco Rubio, on the other hand, manned up and rolled the dice.  I saw Rubio on Fox yesterday.  I really like this guy.

He’d make a great Vice President.

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