A conspiracy theory

Why hasn’t Scott Walker helped out in Wisconsin?  Why hasn’t Rand Paul given us a hand?  Why has Ted Cruz been so lukewarm?  As far as Article V and the BBA, where are Jindal, Perry, and the others who are on our side, but don’t help?  Are they all afraid of losing the John Birch vote?

No, it’s because they don’t want Kasich to get credit for the BBA.  Because he got out front, and staked his claim on this issue, he’s scared everybody else off.  Bill Fruth thinks that may be the reason we stalled in South Carolina.  A lot of South Carolina legislators have been wooed by various candidates, and may have been discouraged by those candidates from passing our bill.  Because of Kasich.

So what do we do, dump him?  That wouldn’t be right and it wouldn’t be smart.  It’s just something we need to keep in mind.  Because he’s pissed off the NRA, and embraced Common Core, and expanded Medicaid, he’s not the most popular guy with the Republican legislators of Arizona, Oklahoma, Idaho, Wyoming, Virginia, West Virginia, and South Carolina.  To the extent that we are identified with him, it hurts us.  I, personally, have decided to support him.  But I don’t speak for the Task Force, or the National Tax Limitation Committee, or anybody else.

The big question is, will this hurt us next year?  On March 17th, Idaho is scheduled to adjourn.  Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming will have adjourned earlier in the month.  We want all these states.  Of the 1,236 delegates needed to win the nomination, only 1,073 will have been decided.  The nomination will still be up for grabs, with Kasich as a contender.  Will the legislative leadership of these four states have been willing to fast track our bill, even though Kasich will get to take some credit for it?  Gary Banz can answer that question for Oklahoma.  I’ll ask Speaker Bedke in Idaho and President Nicholas in Wyoming.  They’ll be straight with me.

The Article V Summit looks to be in San Diego on Saturday, July 25th.  Biddulph convinced me that we have to give scholarships in order to get people there.  So all 99 presiding officers, and their spouses, will be offered air fare, lodgings, and some entertainment.  If they can’t go, they can select a representative to go on their behalf.

This will cost money.  Fruth is working up a proposal for David Walker and John Knubel to present to the Peterson Foundation.  If they give us half, I bet we could raise the rest.  Here’s hoping.  Biddulph and his wife Suzie will be in Vegas next month for their 50th.  He’s going to see Steve Wynn’s political guy and maybe one of Adelson’s guys.  Shake that money tree, David!  I’ll be talking to some people in Montana, but that won’t be until July  — too late.

I think we need to do two invitations.  The first is more in the nature of a notification.  That can go out right away.  When we get commitments on funding, we can send the second one.

Fox News First says Kasich was on some show and said no way in hell would he have invaded Iraq, and nation building is bullshit.  Or words to that effect.  That’s exactly what Faber told me that Kasich’s position was on Saturday in Savannah.  That’s the reason I  decided to support Kasich.  I thought Faber was shooting straight.

I’m a good judge of character.

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