Earned media

There are two very popular Conservative Republican Congressmen from the heart of California’s Central Valley that people should pay attention to.  Devin Nunes and David Valadao are Portuguese-American dairy farmers whose families came from the Azores.  Valadao’s district is 71% Hispanic, Nunes’ is 45%.  Nunes is a twelve year veteran who has a realistic shot at the open Senate seat.  His competition would be the hyper-liberal Kamala Harris, the black AG from San Francisco, and Rep. Loretta Sanchez of Orange County, a seriously erratic woman.

“McFarland U.S.A.”  is a Kevin Costner movie about a town in Valadao’s district that is 90% Mexican-American.  The boys cross country team won some state championships, and it’s a very inspiring story.  Except that today McFaraland, like most other agricultural towns in the Valley, is dying economically.  The drought is killing them.

10% of California’s water use is urban, 40% agriculture.  Half goes for habitat, or maintenance of the ecosystem.  Maintenance of the delta smelt’s ecosystem takes 1.2 million acre feet of water a year.  This bait fish, which only evolved into a separate subspecies 8-10,000 years ago, is more important than the good people of McFarland.

99% of all species which have existed on this planet are extinct.  Species are born.  Species die.  It’s called evolution.  But the environmentalists who run California don’t believe evolution should be allowed to work.  When it comes to saving the delta smelt, money, and water, are no object.  But there are other, more intelligent ways to save this species.  It’s thriving in some reservoirs, for instance, growing much larger than its normal size.

Nunes and Valadao have legislation to address this problem.  It deserves support from all the Republican Presidential candidates.  The first one to go into their districts, and hold an event with one or both of them, would get some serious media attention in California.  Positive attention.  Enough to get a bump in the polls in the most populous state.

Each Congressional district in California gets three delegates to Cleveland, selected by the Republican voters of that district.  So there’s that, as well.

There’s a story in Washington state that’s almost as good as the delta smelt.  There are stories all over the West.

They just need to be told.

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