It’s on

Thanks to the continuing generosity of Dave and Suzie Biddulph we’ll have a room in which the San Diego Article V Summit can take place.  So it’s going to happen.  Everything else is gravy.  Faber and Long’s invitation letter, along with the invites I and others will be issuing, will get enough attendees to make it a success.  A slam dunk would be 26 states represented by their Speaker, Senate President, or both.  31 would be better, 34 better still.  We’ll need to raise the money for scholarships to get that kind of a turn out.  And a draw.  Lew Uhler is going to try to get Rep. Goodlatte of Virginia, Chairman of House Judiciary to come.  His committee will aggregate the Resolutions, and recommend a time and place for the Convention.  I hope he’s attracted to the idea of doing it in Richmond.  We need all the help we can get next year in the Virginia legislature.

On today’s Loren Enns mentioned that a Maryland State Senator has been quoted to the effect that they will rescind their Resolution if we get close to 34.  No surprise there.  If that were, in fact, to happen we’ll need Virginia.  As I’ve mentioned before, I think there needs to be a follow up to San Diego.  I like doing it at the Capitol in Annapolis.  Maybe this state senator can help us with the arrangements.

Lew Uhler talked with former Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli, who says there are five competitive state senate races in Virginia this November, the outcome of which will determine if we have a shot there next year.  Everyone will have to do all we can to help.  Those races may decide if we get 34 next year.

Our man in South Carolina, John Steinberger, sees a lot of Presidential candidates.  He asks them about an Article V BBA, and the latest to sign on are Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.  To the best of my knowledge, only Bush, Christie, Walker and Huckabee haven’t come over.  I’m hoping Kasich calls them out on it at the Cleveland debate.  They’re not crazy, so they’ll say yes.  Then we can go in to 2016 saying every single Republican Presidential candidate wants an Article V BBA.  We’ll ask them to sign a letter, urging the state legislatures of our target states to pass our Resolution.  Who’s not going to sign that letter, and why?  This may be a good tool next year.

If you’re going to run for President, it helps to be smart.  If you’re not that smart, you’re at a disadvantage.  Not fatal, necessarily, but a distinct hindrance to the Cause.  Walker’s not that smart.  Our man in Wisconsin, Chris Kapenga, the Legislative Kid, hit Walker up on an Article V BBA two and a half years ago.  He passed.  For whatever reason, he passed.  He wasn’t bright enough to figure it out.  He’s either a little dense, or he didn’t think it through.   Maybe a little bit of both.

I think that’s going to cost him.

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