The Tour of Regulatory Horror

Everybody hates Washington, especially Republican primary voters, who tend to the hard right.  How do you appeal to them?

Start in McFarland, in the California Central Valley.  Dying because of environmental devotion to a three inch bait fish.  Then go down to San Diego to talk to the poor schmuck who’s trying to build a billion dollar desalinization plant.  The regulators are killing him.  It may never be built.  You can go to Fork, Washington, which used to have a thriving timber industry.  To save spotted owl habitat, it was ruined.  Clinton showed up back in the 90’s to tell everybody not to worry.  Tourism would replace logging.  Horseshit, and everybody knew it.  Now barrel owls are taking over spotted owl turf.  They’re bigger, and more suited to survival in this ecosystem.  But they’re a threat to the spotted owl, so Fish and Wildlife is killing thousands of them.  Killing beautiful wildlife, in the name of the environment.

You can go almost anywhere in the country and find horror stories like that.  The environmental left is bat shit crazy, and they’re drunk with power.  They ruin businesses and lives without a care in the world.  Working class Americans, of all races and ethnicities, understand the insanity that takes place in the name of the environment.  It affects people every day in their personal lives.  Today you can’t but a gasoline container that’s vented.  So if you have to pour the gasoline from the container it doesn’t come out easily.  It’s a pain in the ass, but the EPA thinks the fumes from your two gallon gas can is going to ruin the environment.  This happens to people all the time.  It’s fertile political ground.  It needs to be plowed.  There’s a harvest of votes to be had on this issue.

Biddulph is making another approach to Jeb Bush, who he apparently has some history with.  We got a chance a while back  to make the pitch to one of Bush’s top “issues” guys, and nothing came of it.  So Dave is trying again, directly to Bush.  I’m not counting on this.  As far as we know every Republican candidate, including Bush, supports using Article V to get a BBA.  Rand Paul brought it up in South Carolina once, but other than that we’ve had radio silence, except, of course, from Kasich.  It’s like this is Kasich’s issue, and nobody wants to be seen as a follower.  This is unfortunate.  We really want all the candidates pushing this.  I’ll bet money that Kasich brings up the BBA, and his travels in support of it, at the August 6th debate.  All he has to do is say that, while all the candidates on the stage agree with him on this (as far as we know), more of them should be pushing this in their campaigns.  He could even ask Walker to help get the bill through the Wisconsin Senate, which he thus far has refused to do.  It could be an interesting moment.

After tomorrow morning’s cc with Faber we’ll have another call to divvy up the states.  I’ll take twelve, and between the rest of us (including Faber and Long) we’ll do follow up phone calls to every state, encouraging the presiding officers to attend.  We’ll keep after them, and if they say no we’ll ask them to designate their Majority Leader as their representative.

Paula Jones did an interview for the Daily Mail, a good one.  She’s just a regular housewife in Little Rock who still wants to tell her story.  If I was able I’d fly down there and see if she’d agree to tape a 60 second spot, recounting her history with Clinton.  Millenials haven’t heard this story, and it’s too good not to tell again, over and over.  The only way Hillary gets elected is to destroy her Republican opponent.  This is what they did to Dole, and to Romney.  Except this time the fire will be returned.

In spades.

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