The Adelson primary

The Kochs will be supporting multiple Republican candidates.  That’s a good thing.  At this point in the proceedings I’m an anybody but Bush man.  As the titular frontrunner I’d like everyone taking shots at him and his dimwit brother.  He’s going down, there’s no doubt in my mind, and once he’s out things will get interesting.  The notion that he could somehow duplicate W’s path from 2000 was delusional.

Sheldon Adelson is in the process of auditioning for his personal primary.  Everyone knows the game.  It’s all about Israel, and Iran.  The Israelis look like they’ll go to war to stop Iran from going nuclear.  They want us to not only support them in this war, but to some degree fight it side by side with them.  It’s a terrible idea, but it will get backing from some candidates.  It’s the only foreign policy issue that really matters, because it’s the one that could cost American lives.

It’s a preemptive war.  Preemptive wars are waged by nations in decline, or in fear of decline.  France fought the 30 Years War because it didn’t think it could beat the a united Germany.  Germany fought World War I because it didn’t think it could beat Russia if it waited loo long.  Israel isn’t afraid of losing a war.  They’re afraid of losing their existence, which makes them extremely risk averse.  If there’s a one in a hundred chance that a nuclear Iran could deliver a bomb into Israel, the Israellis will act.  They’re not taking any chances.  I don’t blame them.  I’d do the same thing.

But the United States is not in decline, or in fear of going into decline.  We’re like Germany in 1914, if the Krauts had been thinking clearly.  We don’t need anything from any body.  We’re happy campers.  One bomb from a nuclear Iran is not an existential threat to us, as it is to Israel.  If that ever happened we could atomize Mecca (after it had been evacuated) and we’d be square with Islam, almost.  We’d have to kill a lot of the bastards as well, but not in a traditional war.  One by one, like the Mossad does.  Or in groups.  But not in an old fashioned war.  We never have to fight one of those again.

Who are we supposed to fight, and over what?  The Russians, over Europe?  Are you kidding?  The American people hated Communism, and stood on the wall of freedom for 50 years.  But the Russians aren’t Communists anymore.  I don’t know what the hell they are, but they’re no threat to us.  If the Europeans can’t figure out how to deal with them, that’s their problem, not ours.

Why would we ever fight a land war with the Chinese?  For what, Formosa?  What are you, nuts?

We don’t need an Army.  Army Rangers et al, for sure, but no regular Army.  The United States Navy, and the Marine Corps, rule the waves.  We own the oceans of this world, militarily, along with our Anglosphere allies.  And we want the United States Air Force to rule the sky, and space.  We want to be the biggest bad asses on the planet.  We just don’t fight other people’s wars.  No one is a threat to us, and we are a threat to no one.

That’s not what Sheldon wants to hear.  He wants us to fight a war in the Middle East.  Thankfully, Sheldon is so incompetent at politics that he won’t do any harm.  He’ll give some dope like Gingrich a bunch of money to piss away, and that will be that.  I don’t have any problem with Sheldon, who is a patriotic American.

But the American people don’t want to go to war.


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