Chickens and eggs

If you have funding, you can have an event like the San Diego Article V Summit.  I’ve come to believe that if you have a Summit you will get funding.  We need money to reimburse legislators for their expenses.  I’ve been hesitant to promise this in the invitation.  What if a legislator makes plans, requests reimbursement, and we don’t have the money?

We will get this money, somehow, some way, so I want to make the promise.  It’s possible we could get the Montana Speaker and Senate President, plus their spouses.  This could cost close to $4,000.  But if they want to come, I’ll get the money in Montana, from Montanans for a Balanced Budget.  If we need money to get the leadership from South Dakota there, we’ll ask Hal Wick to raise it in South Dakota.  We’ll find some donor in every state we need to.  For all I know the donors may be lobbyists, it doesn’t matter.  Who wants the honor of paying the way for the Speaker and Senate President, and their spouses, of your state to go to beautiful San Diego and attend an extremely important meeting.  This would be a deposit in the favor bank, if you know what I mean.  So we will get the funding.  I feel a lot better.  This will work.  We could ask the NFIB lobbyist in each state to pass the hat to fund their state’s leadership.

Biddulph has a new toy, a 501(c) (3) called Citizens or a Balanced Budget Amendment Convention.  It’s used, going back to 2011.  He believes this will help raise money.  I hope he’s right.

I have a vengeful streak, and I will take great pleasure when we get to 34, and a Convention is called.  We will have done more for the Cause than anyone in the country, and we will have done it on a shoestring.  All these wizards, and geniuses, and deep, deep thinkers will have pissed away gazillions of dollars and will have accomplished squat.  We will do what the Founders expected us to do.  What they would have done.  What should have been done many years ago.  What the time we live in calls for.

Rand Paul stepped in it, blaming Republicans for ISIS.  Really dumb, and I read he’s having trouble raising money.  I don’t think Rand is ready for prime time.  Like Romney, and Bush, he’s got Daddy issues.  He wants to redeem the good name of his father.  That’s not a good reason to run for President.  He’ll stay in the Senate, where he belongs.  He’s a good man, and has a lot to offer.

I think of the nomination fight in terms of a steel cage death match, with all fifteen or so locked in together.  They’re all beating each other up, and as time goes by one after another will be ejected, leaving two standing, who will fight to the finish.

Who could pass up that opportunity?

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