Repetition and simplicity

First we had the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force.  A name only an accountant could love.  Now we have the Citizens for a Balanced Budget Amendment Convention.  Not much of an improvement.  Biddulph is looking for a new name, and I’m suggesting “One State, One Vote, One Amendment.”  It’s simple, and it makes a point.  We will make it the theme of the San Diego Summit, as in:

The San Diego Legislative Summit

July 25, 2015

One State, One Vote, One Amendment

I’m hoping for a big turnout.  We want presiding officers, but Majority Leaders, who have been designated as the representatives of presiding officers, would be fine as well.  If you’re in Mississippi, or New Jersey, or Minnesota it’s hot and humid in July.  San Diego has the best weather in the world, with lots of fun things to do.  Why not fly out with the spouse for an expense paid long weekend, and spend one day talking about a Convention that you may be leading a delegation to next year  — a Convention that will make history by proposing a supremely important Amendment to the Constitution?  Why wouldn’t you go?  I haven’t talked to any legislator who wasn’t interested.  We actually might get 26, or more.  Whatever we get, I’m betting the participants will be ready for Round Two, in Annapolis in December.

Rand Paul was not completely out of line in suggesting Republican hawks, like Lindsey Graham and John McCain, are partly responsible for the rise of ISIS.  He overstated his case, as he is wont to do, but he had a point.  It seems like he’s the only announced  Republican who learned from Bush’s disastrous mistakes in Iraq.  All the others who have declared don’t want to seem antiwar, or soft on Islamic Terror, or too hard on Bush.  But there are a whole lot of Republicans who think Iraq was a disaster.  FUBAR.  Paul, and no one else, is speaking for them.

Query:  why didn’t we declare war on Iraq when we invaded it?  I have no idea.  There must be a reason.  We didn’t declare war in Vietnam, or North Korea either.  Maybe we shouldn’t go to war unless Congress passes a Declaration of War.  It’s one of those crazy ideas that just might work.

We are not at war today.  We do not want war.  Anti-terrorism operations may resemble wars, but they’re not the same at all.  We’re not fighting a nation-state that controls and is sovereign over a certain territory.  We’re trying to kill a bunch of lunatics who are creating havoc around the world.  With modern intelligence gathering, and drones, and Special Forces, we have the tools to kill them.  We need to stay at it, as long as they’re around.  Find them and kill them.  Don’t capture and imprison them.  Just kill them.  Every day some of these sons of bitches need to die.  It should be a regular feature on the Nightly News.  Which ones of these bastards did we get today?

Oddly enough foreign policy could be a big factor in the Republican nomination.  We need a new foreign policy, one that’s grounded in non-interventionism.  George Washington told us to avoid the entangling alliances of Europe.  His advice is as good today as it was 218 years ago.  We stayed in Europe after WW2 to stop Communism.  We succeeded.  We’re still there to stop the Russians and Germans from going at each other again.  I say we tell the Germans we’ll give you four more years, then they’re on their own.  If they can’t put together an army, and a coalition, to deter the Russians that’s their problem, not ours.  I say sayonara to Europe in 2020, and South Korea as well.  We want allies, and naval and air stations, around the world.  We don’t want our soldiers as trip wires to war.

Here’s a political slogan for you.

Peace and Prosperity.

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