Loren Enns made a great suggestion today.  For presiding officers who can’t make it to San Diego we’ll set up a telephonic connection where they will participate remotely.  We may not get 26 to the meeting, but we should have 26 who agree to sign the Resolution, committing them, personally, to do everything in their power to one state, one vote and one Amendment.  We’ll have several copies and FedEx them around to whoever is willing to sign.  I bet we get 30.

I guess I’ll be on the phone with whomever is calling in, and will ask Faber to allow them to speak when they indicate to me a desire to do so.  We’ll figure it out.

Lew Uhler invited Chairman Goodlatte to the meeting but he has a prior commitment.  We will want to patch him in so that he can confirm that he will aggregate our 27 Resos, will not attempt in any way to control the Convention, and will refuse to send any Amendment out for ratification that exceeds the scope of the call.  I believe he will do this for us and that it will have an impact.

My wife and I flew to Kauai yesterday, so blogging will be light for the next couple weeks.

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