Who says no?

California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts  — who else won’t agree to One State, One Vote, One Amendment?  We should get every red state, 31 in all.  Eight states are split, and we should get the Republican presiding officer, which is good enough.  If you’re a Republican Speaker paired with a Democrat Senate President you can make a commitment that your chamber will refuse to vote for any delegate that does not fully support the Three Ones.  That is a commitment that could, and would, be kept.  So if you’re worried about a runaway you’re looking at a minimum of 39 states you don’t have to worry about  — unless your Republican peers from at least fifteen of those 39 are lying.  How the hell could you believe that, unless you’re a truly paranoid whack job?   If Bart Davis tells the Idaho Republican Senate Caucus that, in spite of solid commitments from 39 states, there still could be a runaway, who’s going to take him seriously?

Wyoming and Idaho are states I accepted responsibility for when assigned them by the Task Force.  Davis lives and practices law in Idaho Falls, which my wife and I be driving through on our way to Montana.  I hope Davis agrees to see me for a few minutes.  I want to tell him exactly what we’re up to in San Diego, and personally guarantee his and his wife’s travel expenses.

I tried to see Davis when I was in Boise, but he wasn’t seeing anyone that late in the session.  I eyeballed him from the Senate gallery, to see if I could pick up on what kind of a guy he is.  He’s a big, heavy set, jovial guy.  He doesn’t look like a jerk or a buffoon.  I could see that his colleagues liked him.  He looks like an O.K. guy.  He noticed me watching him, and checked me out for a second.  I can deal with Davis.  I know how to handle this guy.  He’s the only thing standing between us and Idaho, and we’ll get Idaho.

Kelly Mader, formerly of Peabody Energy, was on today’s San Diego cc.  He wanted to know if we were still working on the Reagan Initiative.  I said we were, and he’ll be at the meeting.  He’s a former Wyoming legislator, and knows Senate President Nicholas well.  Nicholas said he could probably get to Seattle.  I haven’t talked to him about San Diego.  If he’s there Kelly may be able to bring him around.  Peabody’s got juice in Wyoming.

Loren Enns looks to be coming to San Diego to handle the technical stuff.  This is very good news.  We want no snafus.  We may have 25 Presiding Officers participating remotely, and we’ve got to do it right.  No screw ups.

The invites should be in the mail tomorrow.  Game on.

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