Let’s get normal!

Everybody bitches about Obama and Carter, but if you want the two worst Presidents of the 20th Century you go to Wilson and FDR.  They “won” wars we should not have had to fight.  And they were contemptuous of the Constitution.

I could be off on this, but I believe no two term Presidency has ever been as thoroughly repudiated as Wilson’s.  Harding’s 1920 landslide, and the return to normalcy, were great moments in 20th Century American history.  The Harding-Coolidge years were some of the best we’ve ever had.

96 years later we’re going to do it again  — Obama is really another Wilson, in some ways.  Who’s our Harding?  We don’t know yet, but the good news is that Harding, and later Coolidge, were in no way remarkable men.  They weren’t Reagan, or JFK, but normal, mainstream conservative Republicans.  Looking at this field of ours, I look in vain  — as I have for 27 years  — for another Gipper.  None to be seen.  But we can get by with another Harding, so no worries, mate.

I’d be ready, right now,  to predict a win, except for events.  Shit happens.  As I look ahead to what is likely to happen I see a lot of things that will, on net, help the cause.  I don’t see anything coming that would hurt it.

America is exceptional.  Looking back on our history, the whole thing is so improbable, and awesome, that you’re tempted to ascribe some of our good fortune to divine intervention.  That’s a mistake.  We are not God’s chosen people.

We are a self chosen people.

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