The offer

Brad Bales says the letters from Faber went out, so it’s time for the follow up.  I’ve decided to be personally responsible for raising the money for eleven western states.*  If I can’t raise the money I’ll pay their expenses out of my own pocket.

My follow up email will advise them of Faber’s invite, briefly describe the agenda, and offer to prepay the expense of airfare and two nights hotel for the legislator and their spouse/companion.  If they do intend to come, and need expense reimbursement, they will be asked to RSVP with their estimate of their expenses.   A check in that amount from the National Tax Limitation Foundation will be sent to them no later than July 10th.  If the email elicits no response phone calls will follow.

I’ve got enough squirreled away to cover the costs of eleven states, if, God forbid, I can’t raise the money.  We’ll have to figure out something else for the other 39 states.  On a state by state basis.  Lots of lobbyists like to do favors for presiding officers.  We’ll find a way.

We’ll have a mini cattle call in San Diego.  We’re going to ask every Presidential candidate, Republican and Democrat, to Skype in to the meeting to make a five minute presentation on their position on an Article V BBA.  If every damn one of the says yes it would extend the time by less than two hours, which is manageable.  We’ll ask Kasich first, and I’d be shocked if he said no.  If you’re Rick Perry, or Bobby Jindal, or Rick Santorum, or Carly Fiorina  etc. etc., why would you not take five minutes out of your Saturday schedule to appear before some of the nation’s most powerful political figures from all across the country?  I think a bunch of these people will say yes.  Getting them on record, on C-Span,  in support of the campaign will be a big boost.  It will help us get to 34.

Momentum is one of the intangibles of politics.  Timing is another.  The political tide runs strongly with us, and the stars are coming into alignment.  It is time to act.

For time, and tide, wait for no man.

*ID, AK, WY, NV, MT, AZ, WA, NM, CO, CA, and OR>

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