Citizens for a Balanced Budget Amendment Convention

Alan Dye is a big time 501(c)(3) lawyer who formed CBBAC with Charlie Black and Rod Smith four or five years ago.  Biddulph is staging a friendly takeover.  He, Fruth, Stu McPhail and I would be added to the board.  It will likely be the official sponsoring organization behind the San Diego Summit.

I’m going to suggest that CBBAC contact every Presidential candidate and ask them to make a five minute presentation to the Summit, either live through our Go To Meeting connection, or pre-taped.  We’d ask them to state their position on the BBA and on the effort to achieve it through Article V.

I think we’ll get a very good response.  Why not?  Afraid to piss off the Birchers?

The most interesting response will be from Scott Walker, who has been nowhere to be seen as one of Wisconsin’s outstanding legislators, Rep. Chris Kapenga, has struggled for three years to pass our Resolution.

Harry Bradley was a successful Milwaukee industrialist who was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society.  He and his brother Lynde set up the Bradley Foundation, currently with assets of around $800 million.  This Foundation is one of the pillars of Walker’s strength, and has greatly assisted him in a variety of ways throughout his career as Governor.  Michael Grebe is a retired lawyer who runs the Foundation.  I suspect that he opposes Article V for the same reason that the Kochs do, and Utah Senator Lee did: fealty to the previous generation and its prejudices.  Walker is just playing along.

It’s a mistake, and he’s going to get a chance to rectify it.  When he’s asked by CBBAC for his position on an Article V BBA he’ll have an opportunity to rethink his position.  If he passes he’s not smart.

Maybe he’s not smart.   This cycle, up against this field, you don’t win if you’re not smart.

And what does Jeb Bush do?  We made our pitch for help to his “issues guy” a month ago, and haven’t heard a peep.  You got a problem, Jeb?  What’s your problem?  Ted Cruz says he’s with us, in private.  Nothing in public.  Why so shy, Ted?

I don’t think people in New Hampshire like the Iowa caucuses.  And they’re flinty New Englanders.  When Walker goes to New Hampshire will anybody ask him about his support for the ethanol boondoggle in Iowa?  Why not?

Kasich’s in Utah attending Romneyville.  Mitt’s money guys will be looking him over, along with four or five other contenders.  At least on the surface he should appeal to them.  A pragmatist, not an ideologue.  A solid record of accomplishment in Congress.  A Lehman veteran.  A highly successful Governor of The Swing State.  If he talks up the BBA, will any of them be smart enough to see the political fallout from a successful Article V BBA?  Would any of them have the wit to act on this insight?

Probably not.  These guys spend their time on money, not ideas.  For some reason the two don’t mix well.  Money may not stink, but it doesn’t make you smart.

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