The trifecta

The traditional BBA is, among other things, a demand for entitlement reform.  The Reagan Initiative adds regulatory reform.  If the Convention produces an Amendment which accomplishes both, it will be a huge success.  Both are necessary for prosperity and full employment.  Are they sufficient?

I don’t know, but it’s obvious that one critical reform is not included  — taxes.  It would fall within the scope of the call, just as much as regulatory reform or land transfers.  Should the Amendment Convention go whole hog, and abolish the IRS,, or some such?

It may be so far outside the box that people aren’t ready for it  — a bridge too far.  We won’t know for over a year.  The time to decide is when the Convention convenes in late summer or early fall of 2016.  The nominations will have been decided, and the Presidential campaign will be well underway.  If the Republican candidate wants to go for it, the Convention could do the trifecta   — entitlement reform via the traditional BBA, regulatory reform, and tax reform.  If the candidate takes no position it will be up to the delegates  — go small, or go bold.  It’s a purely political decision, which will be rendered by a gathering of some of the best politicians in the country.  Men and women largely unknown outside their home states, but with a wealth of experience and political accomplishment.  The people meeting in San Diego.

Would these people do a better job at tax reform than Congress?  A diverse, but strongly conservative,  group of largely citizen-legislators, in which California’s voice is the same as Wyoming’s?  As opposed to an entrenched  Congress composed of rent seeking agents of the special interests that finance their endless campaigns?   This is a question which should be put to the American people.

They’ll decide.

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