This too shall pass

The tide has been with us for a year and a half.  It still strengthens.  Things are going to get even better, politically.  A lot better.  We’re going to kick ass in November of ’16, and the new President and Congress will have an historic opportunity to do some serious damage to the perversions, distortions and general lawlessness  inflicted on this country by the Progressives.  And if the new President does well he or she will be given another term, and some good could come of that.  Then the Democrats will have their shot at power.  They’ll be different than the Democrats of today.  That’s the genius of the American two party system.  Losers change  — they change as much as they have to in order to win.  Anybody who talks about extended one party rule doesn’t understand that dynamic.  There are exceptions.  That’s the rule.  If you’re smart you expect things to play out the way they usually do.

What we will have done with this tide we’ve ridden?  If it’s done in Washington, it will be a lot less than it could have been  — if it had been done by the Federal Legislature.  If the Presiding Officers (PO’s) of this country’s state legislatures chose to institutionalize their function under Article V they could create such a body.  Not by law.  The Federal Legislature would be entirely voluntary.  It would be advisory only, until such time as a Constitutional Amendment conferring actual power upon it were ratified by 38 states.  Initially the only function of the Federal Legislature would be to recommend to the state legislatures possible subjects of Article V Amendments.   26 votes would be needed for the Federal Legislature to act, in any way.  If 26 states can agree on an Amendment, and 34 identified who will pass it, the proposal can be put out for ratification.

Right now the membership of the Federal Legislature is far more conservative, and mindful of the Constitution, than any other political body or group of elected officials in the country.  It has the power to put on offer a return to Constitutional principles, including not least federalism.  If the offer is accepted by a large majority of the people, by ratification, we can turn this country around on a dime.

Call it what you will, but there is something to be created.

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