Disparate Impact should be an issue in next year’s election.  Next week the Supreme Court is going to toss this “doctrine” in the ash heap.  No Republican in his right mind will do anything but applaud.  Hillary, on the other hand, will be outraged.  She’s got to do everything she can to gin up her black support, so she’ll go ballistic when this decision comes down.  In doing so she will kill her chances in November.  The missing white male votes in the upper Midwest, the guys who stayed home rather than vote for the rich twit, Romney, are going to vote this time, and they’ll vote Republican, based on this issue alone.  It is a perfect illustration of the government picking winners and losers, based solely on race.

The fact is that these guys, and their sons, are routinely discriminated against by the government.   It pisses them off.  They don’t like discrimination, especially when it’s directed against them.  They watch what happens in places like Ferguson, Missouri and that pisses them off as well.  All these wildings, mob violence by packs of young black hoodlums, that pisses them off too.  Race riots in Baltimore piss them off.  There’s actually a lot to be pissed off about.

Responsible politicians must tread lightly on this ground.  Stoking racial resentments is a bad idea, on all levels.  But to acknowledge reality, to say that discrimination against whites is not the road to racial harmony, is only to do justice to the truth.  If a politician is so chicken shit that he can’t do that, then those deer hunters and ice fishermen of Wisconsin will stay home again.  And the Republican  — if they are a coward  — will deserve to lose.

The people of this country want a leader with some balls.  Someone totally unlike Jeb Bush.  A guy with balls tells the truth.  When Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an evil empire he told the truth.  And he showed some balls.  When this Supreme Court decision comes down next week it’s a balls check for every Republican.

Those guys in Wisconsin will be watching.

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