Law and Politics

Politics and law.  What’s the difference?  In upholding Obamacare and Disparate Impact (DI) today the Supreme Court demonstrated that whatever the distinction is, it doesn’t make a difference.

I guess it would be nice if the Supreme Court did our work for us, but they are not so inclined.  Justices and lawyers won’t save this country.  It’s up to us.

What will save us is Article V, and these decisions don’t hurt our cause.  I would argue they’ll help.  If the Supremes had gutted Obamacare all hell would have broken loose.  The R’s running Congress would have been at total war with one another.  Some, probably most, would want to kick the can down the road by temporarily providing the funding to all the federal exchanges.  They would try to get some concessions from Obama, but I doubt he’d give them anything, so they’d cave in the end.  It all would have been very ugly.

Obamacare was the high water mark of progressivism.  When it collapsed in October of 2013 the tide turned, and has been running with us ever since.  In upholding it today the Justices didn’t make it any better.  It’s still a dog’s breakfast.  The alienation from the federales which fuels the Article V movement stems, in part, from Obamacare.  Let it fester.  It will only get worse.  Obamacare is the political gift that will keep on giving.

In my mind you could argue the impact of the Obamacare ruling either way.  You could say a different decision might have helped us.  Not so with Disparate Impact.  This truly atrocious decision could be a godsend, politically.  Affirmative action has never been a political winner.  DI is affirmative action on steroids.  If a policy has some sort of demonstrable negative impact on blacks, it’s illegal.  That’s it!  How cool is that.  I’m exaggerating, but not much.

Blue collar whites in the heartland detest DI.  It impacts them and their sons in a very personal way.  Say your boy wants to be a fireman or a policeman.  You and he know damn well the color of his skin is a major negative.  That pisses guys off.

Will the Republican presidential candidates have the balls to campaign on repealing DI?  We should soon find out.  Sometimes I get New Hampshire envy.  I wish I was in the Granite State so I could ask these people that question directly.  If they’re afraid to take a stand against DI, they’re made of cardboard.

If the Republican candidate for President handles the repeal of DI in the proper way, it can take them to the White House.  I think you win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan with it.

Kevin Williamson writes at NRO, and he’s got a piece out that nails it.  He says with the coming departure of The One the left is going nutty.  They’ve damaged this country, but they’re a long way from transforming it, and they’re frustrated.  Campus rape, micro-aggressions, transgender naziism, the list goes on.  Kevin says we’ve reached peak leftism and I agree.  They just keep getting nuttier.  Back in Waupun, and West Bend, and Shegoygan Mr. and Mrs. Normal American have got to be looking incredulously at each other.  These people are crazy!  And Hillary is leading the god damn charge.  This deranged harridan is out spouting the latest leftist bullshit at the top of her lungs.

How much better can it get?

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