If not now, when?

How about 2017?   No one wants to hear that.  The people involved in pushing the Article V BBA are reaching the end of their rope.  But you have to admit we could be a state or two short next year.  Would that be the end of the world, or the end of this campaign?  Of course not.

I don’t pretend to be a numbers guy; I rely on other people.  My sense is that, from a policy standpoint, a delay of another year for the BBA wouldn’t be fatal.  We won’t go bankrupt because of it.

There’s no question in my mind that getting to 34 in 2016 would help Republican candidates.  The BBA has the support of 65% of Democratic voters, but it’s still seen as a Republican issue.  But the fight for a BBA isn’t being waged on behalf of the Republican Party.  It is an unintended beneficiary.  And I don’t think the Republicans will need any help from the BBA in 2016.  Everything is breaking their way.  The ridiculously antidemocratic Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage is just the latest example.  By taking this issue off the table the Court helps Republicans.  Public opinion, especially among the young, has been moving fast on this topic, and the GOP is much better off not talking about it.

If we don’t care about helping Republicans next year, and the economy won’t collapse with another year of fiscal indiscipline, what’s the downside of 2017?  Besides exhaustion.  Will people get tired of talking about it?  Not likely.   The vast majority of people don’t know anything about it.

And that’s been the problem from the beginning.  The great mass of people in this country have never heard of Article V.  They’re completely unaware that if seven solidly Republican states pass our Resolution the first Amendment Convention in our history will be called.  No one realizes that the Constitution was designed with a mechanism to allow the states to control the federal government.  The people of this country have totally had it with the federal government.  It’s the enemy.  It taxes us, spies on us, regulates us and tries to control our lives.  Congress is a laughingstock.  As the Democrats go through the paroxysms of “peak left” normal people will be ready for a new solution  — Article V.

If they know it exists.  We’re counting on Kasich to get the ball rolling in the Presidential debates.  But we need to do more, a lot more.  I talked this morning with Gerald Molen, who won an Academy Award for producing “Schindler’s List”, and also produced both of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentaries.  I explained the Article V BBA and the Federal Assembly to him, and he seemed to get it.  He said Dinesh is in Hawaii with his daughter for the next couple weeks, but that when he gets back he’ll email him and let him know what we’re doing in San Diego.  Molen gave me the impression that he thinks D’Souza might be interested in working on a full scale documentary on what we’re doing.

It’s a start.  Even if it doesn’t work out with D’Souza, the fact that Molen “gets it” on Article V (he’s a big time conservative) means he might be willing to get me a hearing with other potential documentary makers, or maybe some kind of reality TV.  Anything to get the public educated and involved.

With the people behind us we win.  If the people knew about us, they’d be behind us.  There is a way to get through to them.  The message is too powerful, and hopeful, to be hidden much longer.  We will get the word out.

Then we win.

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