When we get to 31 or 32 we expect Maryland to rescind.  There’s nothing we can do to stop them.  The legislature is solidly Democratic, and we’ve been advised that they have every intention of rescinding next year.  This means that in addition to Wisconsin, South Carolina, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Idaho and Arizona we’ll also need Virginia.

Since Virginia is purplish, with some of the northern part of the state a suburb of D. C., this will not be easy.  We think we may have had the votes in the House back in January, but the Senate was split 21 R-19 D, and we couldn’t line up the votes there.  The entire legislature is up for reelection in November, so we’re not even guaranteed Republican majorities.  Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe is a skilled and ruthless political operator who will be pulling out all the stops to get a Democrat legislature.  But if the tide is with us, as it is, we should win this election, and have even stronger majorities.  But until that election takes place we won’t know how realistic our chances are.

Without Maryland we have to run the table next year  — getting eight out of eight.  It certainly can be done, but you have to call it a long shot.   We’ll need a lot of help, help that has not been forthcoming.  And I think we need some breaks as well.  The closer we get to 34, the more likely it is that we get the help we need.

The first meeting of the Federal Assembly will be on July 25th.  If it is a success, we should have a second meeting in December, preferably in Annapolis.  If by this time next year we haven’t hit 34, we should have a third meeting immediately following ALEC’s 2016 summer meeting.  A fourth meeting would be held in December, 2016, after the elections.

I think the 2016 election is the flip side of 1932, and we pick up a couple more states with complete Republican control  — Maine, Washington, Kentucky and Minnesota are the most likely.  With the addition of a couple of these states the December 2016 meeting of the Federal Assembly will, hopefully, be the last that deals with the BBA.  If we get 34 in 2017 no summer meeting of the Federal Assembly would be necessary.  But if the Amendment Convention is held in the summer or fall of 2017, there should be a meeting of the Federal Assembly in December of 2017.

The purpose of the Federal Assembly is for the state legislative leadership of this country to meet and discuss their responsibilities under Article V of the Constitution.  If, in late 2017, the First Amendment Convention has been held, discussions need to take place on the appropriate subject matter of the Second Amendment Convention.  The BBA, when enhanced by the Reagan Initiative, will do a great deal to get this country turned around.  But it is not sufficient.  To get back to constitutional government much more work needs to be done.  A decade’s worth of work.  The Federal Assembly should continue to meet until the job is complete.  Hell, they ought to meet forever.  Somebody’s got to keep an eye on the federales, and the Federal Assembly has the juice to keep them on the reservation.

These meetings should be short and sweet.  In San Diego the principal business meeting will start at 9:00 PDT and be over by 11 or 12.  You can’t expect remote participants to stay with us too much longer than that.  And we’ll stay on point.  No random bullshit.  Stick to business.  If people want to bullshit they can do it in the afternoon session, or the evening, or Sunday morning.

The Federal Assembly is in its infancy.  What it becomes is anyone’s guess.  It has great potential  — in my mind, at least.

It’s a start.

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