Affirmative action is a form of racial discrimination.  It’s not popular.  It’s a political loser.  Given the chance, people vote against it.

Hillary, of course, is all in.  She is desperate to duplicate Obama’s black turnout, and will tell blacks whatever she thinks they want to hear.  The only thing she hasn’t embraced is reparations for slavery, and that may come.  I doubt any of the umpteen Republican Presidential candidates will make her pay any political price for this.  It’s a very dangerous topic for Republicans.  When Democrats support affirmative action they are celebrated in the media.  Any Republican who criticizes it is immediately labeled a racist.  It makes no sense, but there it is.  Eliminating racial preferences, and treating everyone the same, is racist.

The recent Kennedy decision on disparate impact is a case in point.  Everybody’s bitching about the Obamacare decision and gay marriage, but no one utters a peep about this god awful ruling.  A whole lot of white people are afraid of making black people angry, and will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it.  They know affirmative action is a crock, but they don’t want to talk about it, and they are uncomfortable when the subject comes up.

But there are also a lot of white people  — mainly white working men  — who are thoroughly pissed off at the whole concept.  They will vote against it whenever they can.  All they need to know is that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for affirmative action.  A vote against her is a vote against it.

The Republicans won’t say that, though.  Not so much because they’ll lose black votes.  Blacks who vote Republican don’t want any more God damn affirmative action.  It’s demeaning and counterproductive.  But lily livered whites get nervous about any politician making some blacks angry.  So Republican politicians keep their mouths shut, and racial demagogues like Hillary Clinton get a free pass.

Or not.  The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did what Bush wouldn’t do:  call Kerry out on his Vietnam lies.  Some think it turned the election, including, I believe, Kerry himself.  A group will be formed in the next year to do to Hillary what the Swift Boat vets did to Kerry.  Make her pay the price for her race hustling.  Tie her to affirmative action and nail her on it.

It won’t take a lot of money to do this.  Some simple 60 or 30 second spots could do the trick.  You run them on cable TV in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and maybe Minnesota.  You show them on reality TV shows that white working men watch  — Swamp Logger, Ice Trucker, or any show about Alaska.  You hit it hard, and lay it out there.  The spots write themselves.

Naturally this will provoke outrage.  Twits like Chris Matthews will soil their privates they’ll be so pissed.  Tough.  The reaction will help make the sale.  It is, of course, perfectly reasonable to be either for, or against, affirmative action.  But the leftist press won’t allow this to go unpunished.  Anyone associated with this group will be permanently branded with the letter “R” on their forehead.  It won’t be for the faint of heart.  But some group of people are going to do it anyway.

It could win the election.

Right after I got in to law school at UCLA in 1971 I found out about their racial quota system.  The place was run by brilliant law professors, so they had an awesome plan:   12% black, 12% Chicano, 1% poor white.  I was white and I was poor, so I might have qualified if I’d known about it.  Instead a guy from West Virginia named Robert Ray was the token poor white.  Nobody knew what to do with him.  He didn’t know what to do with himself.  He finally wound up hanging out with the Chicanos, who begrudgingly accepted him.  The poor, sorry bastard.

I later found out that they had another admission policy experiment, one that involved me.  They decided, just for the hell of it, to admit somebody with really low LSAT scores but with fabulous GPA’s.  And admit a guy with mediocre grades but really high LSAT’s.   Like me.  They abandoned that little experiment rather quickly.

It might have been my attitude.

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