Tolerance, diversity and freedom

The middle of the country  —  the part that decides elections  —  tolerates the north and the south, the east and the west.  We’re a diverse country; always have been.  Diversity demands toleration.  Middle America minds its own business, and wishes the busybodies of the north and the Bible thumpers of the south would mind theirs.  Federalism is an acknowledgement of our diversity, and an expression of it.  Federalism is tolerance.  It is peaceful coexistence.

Some things are, of course, intolerable.  Racial segregation is one such, and the war against it caused enormous damage to our federalist system.  But that war is over.  So the time for the restoration of federalism is at hand.

Anthony Kennedy, secure in his Washington cocktail party world, has struck a hard blow against federalism with his gay marriage decision.  This issue, as much as any, cries out for tolerance.  But it is not to be.  The Supreme Court has issued its decree, and all must obey.  The entire country will do as the Court says.  There is no appeal.

Except Article V.   There is certainly no consensus on gay marriage, and so it is not a fit topic for an Article V solution.  But Kennedy’s decision is a stark reminder that we live in a judicial tyranny.  There may be an emerging consensus about that.

Ted Cruz has proposed the worst remedy  — retention elections.  Terrible idea, no discussion needed.  But if the President is term limited, the Court should be as well, in spades.  Presidents face the voters every four years.  Justices never do.  Ten and out.  Nobody has been indispensable in this country since the man who founded it.  Fifteen, max.

Social issues, specifically gay marriage, add surge to the tide.  If the Republicans are the party of toleration, middle America will embrace them, and victory is theirs.

Since Emperor Tony has spoken, gay marriage is legal in this country.  So be it.  We’ll tolerate it, if you tolerate us.  But these people are Nazis.  They will not tolerate us.  Because we refuse to celebrate homosexuality we are evil and must be destroyed.

I wish it was a year from now.  I’d get the money and go to Oregon to talk to the Christian couple who lost their bakery because they don’t do gay.  Furthermore, the Communist State of Oregon’s Politburo has fined them $135,000 for their hate.  Put their story on film, and show it to the American people.  The Republican Presidential candidate would appear at the end of the ad, and stand in solidarity with these ordinary God-fearing Americans.

That could have an impact.  You don’t attack gays, or gay marriage.  You just stand with the innocent victims of intolerance gone mad.

You stand for freedom.

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