Confrontation, opportunity

For some reason politicians don’t take advantage of the opportunity protestors represent.  Let’s say you’re Donald Trump and a bunch of pro-immigration protestors show up at one of your events.  You don’t have security show them the door.  You ask them to send their spokesperson up to the stage to explain their point of view.  After they’ve made their case you politely ask a few questions, such as “Do you think we should control our borders?” and “How many immigrants should we allow into the country?” or “How many people want to immigrate to America from around the world, and is there any way we should give priority to certain types of immigrants?”

The ensuing dialogue would be entertaining and informative.  And newsworthy.  This technique works with all protestors.  If an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street protests your speech, bring one of them up on the stage to explain their point of view.  Then ask them a few questions.  With the entry of Gov. Walker today we have fifteen Republican candidates.  Do any of them have the brass to do this?

I have eclectic interests, and visit a lot of websites, from Instapundit to the Daily Kos.  The Unz Review is an alternative right wing site that just posted my last entry, “Scientific Affirmative Action.”  As a result 1100 new visitors have logged in, and I must say it’s gratifying.  I’ve been blogging for close to two years and this is way more action than I’ve had before.  This blog is a chronicle of the campaign for an Article V Balanced Budget Amendment, and for Article V in general.  It’s also a place for me to vent and reminisce.  I started writing a regular column when I was a sophomore in high school, and have always enjoyed putting words in print.  So the traffic is encouraging.  Coincidentally, Michael Callahan of a website called has asked to feature this blog, and I’m happy to oblige.

The first meeting of the Federal Assembly takes place in twelve days and in order to gin up attendance I’ll fly to San Diego on the 22nd.  The next three days will be spent at ALEC trying to encourage people to come.  If we can’t get a Presiding Officer to participate or appoint a designee I think we should have any legislator from a state to represent it.  A Republican from California could say that while a California delegation to an Amendment Convention would not support One Vote, One State, it would not support going beyond the scope of the call to take up matters extraneous to a BBA.  This could be based on the debate that took place when the California legislature passed the Wolf-pac Article V Resolution to overturn Citizens United.  Such a statement from a minority Republican might not be particularly persuasive, but it would be better than nothing.

If we can’t get New Mexico Speaker Don Tripp, we’ll have Rep. Yvette Herrell talk about New Mexico, and One State, One Vote, One Amendment.  She might not make the cut into the documentary, because we’ll get Speaker Tripp to film a short segment after the meeting is over.  But she can certainly contribute to the discussion at the meeting.

The meeting is not as important as the product   — the documentary  —  of which it is a part.

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