Going public

I wonder how many people have thought about a Supply Side Balanced Budget Amendment?  There’s probably a law review article about it that was written 30 years ago and has been forgotten.  I consider myself a pretty well informed guy, and I’ve never heard anybody talk about it.  It’s like a secret.

If it’s going to happen  — and it could, I swear  — people are going to have to buy into it.  So they need to know about it.  I have no doubt, now that I have established contact with Lifson at the American Thinker, that he will publish some well written pieces describing the Supply Side BBA.  At that point we’ll see if there’s any reaction.

Bill Fruth thinks going public with the Supply Side BBA is a mistake, but I think the time has come.  He thinks we’ll stir up a hornet’s nest with it.  He may be right about that, but the hornets are already on the loose.  A George Soros organization broke us in Montana.  These people are on to us.

The Supply Side BBA was originally devised as a way to get Wyoming.  It’s still the only way we get Wyoming.  But we only get Wyoming if Phil Nicholas believes there’s a real shot at a Supply Side BBA.  How can he believe that if it’s a secret?

We’ll see if anyone salutes.

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