Three months ago in Anchorage I went to a dinner at Dave and Kathy Cuddy’s house to talk politics.  I did my best to convince the group that Alaska can get its land in a Supply Side BBA.  One of those present was Dick Randolph, a former legislator who ran for Governor in 1982.  Dick was in favor, naturally, but maybe a little skeptical.

Today I find out that the Alaska Citizens’ Advisory Commission on Federal Areas has appointed a group to advise it on the subject of transferring federal lands to the state.  It’s called the Alaska State Lands Advisory Group, chaired by Mead Treadwell.  Dick is a member.  They meet on August 19th.  I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that I can convince them to endorse the Supply Side BBA.

The government of the State of Alaska is going through difficult times.  Half their budget is coming from reserves.  They need hope.  Maybe, just maybe, people up there will get behind this idea, accept it as real.  Then they have a huge and vested interest in a BBA Convention.  Maybe enough to put some money into it.

The stakes, for Alaska, are huge.  If they got their land their worries are over, and they’re back in fat city, where they’ve been accustomed to be.

Dr. Ben Carson may not have a real chance at the nomination, but I hope he lasts long enough for the American people to get to know him.  I just saw him on Special Report, and he comes across as the nicest man.  It’s impossible not to like and admire this man.  With all the racial issues swirling around it’s a joy to see such a nice, normal, intelligent, well spoken black American.

Gov. Perry should preface any answer he gives by rattling off the three federal Departments he wants to eliminate.  The ones he couldn’t remember four years ago.  Self-deprecating humor works.

Kasich came up with a good line.  He said preparing for a debate that includes Trump is like preparing for a NASCAR race that includes a drunk driver.

When Trump exits who gets his votes?  I know who won’t get them  — Jeb Bush.  Speaking of whom, how the hell does he stand out at the debate?  He’s got nothing on these guys.  I haven’t seen much of him, but I think he’s weak.  And a little self-reverential, holier than thou.  Prissy.  But I’m sure he’s a good person.  I know a lot of good people, none of whom belong in politics.

Kathleen Willey’s got a website, Linda Tripp has broken a long silence, and Paula Jones is giving interviews.  The yutes of America are going to learn a few things about Bill Clinton the sexual predator and the wife who enabled him.  If their story is heard Hillary is toast.

I think the left is intellectually exhausted.  They’ve got nothing left.  They’re the party of government, and nobody likes or trusts the government.

How can we lose?

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